If you live in an urban area where space is limited or an apartment with not much more than a balcony or fire escape, gardening may seem out of reach. But with a little creativity, growing a garden is possible.

Let’s examine some space saving gardening options –

Looking for Urbio Wall Planters?

Vertical gardens:

  • If you’re working with nothing but a narrow ledge off a window or fire escape, window box planters or hanging planters will be your best option. Anchoring a window box planter with heavy-duty wall anchors and screws will keep your boxes in place and safely on your ledge where they belong.
  • Have a small footprint to work with and a balcony ledge? Hanging window boxes could be a great way to plant a variety of plants and keep them off the patio floor. Hanging them over the balcony facing out allows you to keep all the walking space to yourself. Another creative idea is to use a wooly pocket planter or shoe organizer to keep the plants growing vertically.
  • Growing plants horizontally-vertical is another way to save space, hide an unsightly wall, and get creative with plant choices.

    Wall garden from WeeTree

Rooftop Gardens:

  • If you’re lucky enough to have access to your roof , raised planters are a great way to get started. They keep moisture off the roof, are easier to tend to, and allow for a more contained garden. Varying container sizes can also create a more “homey” feel in an urban area.
Roof top raised bed garden – photo from Widya Fun World

Temporary, Expandable, and Hanging Gardens:

  • If weather only permits you to garden a few months out of the year, you might want to garden out of 5-gallon tubs that can be purchased at a local home and garden supply shop.
  • Not sure how much you want to plant? Using an expandable, step-style garden from the Urban Garden Stack might be the way to go.
  • Can’t give up any walking space? A hanging garden can be a beautiful way to grow herbs, veggies, and flowers.
The Urban Garden Stack raised bed garden

If you’re interested in the featured image, Urbio Vertical Gardens recently were 100% funded through Kickstarter.com.

 Do you urban garden?


  1. Joe @ Retire By 40 Reply

    We are growing some stuff on our balcony, but they are not doing well at all. I guess I’m not all that good at gardening.

    • @Joe – I’d check the amount of sunlight the plants get. That definitely makes a difference – too little can hinder plant growth. If that’s not it, maybe your plants are too damp? I know you live in the Pacific Northwest so maybe they’re getting too much water. Or, one more thing – maybe they just need some nutrients like Miracle Grow. I’d look into these things and if that’s not it, ask a local nursery. Good luck!

  2. @Nell – There are so many great ideas for vertical gardens which might work great for a small back yard. Raised boxes are also a terrific idea or a combo of both. Good luck with your future garden.

  3. Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog Reply

    Great options LH – I’m looking forward to planting a bit more in the garden next year, as this summer will be full of wedding, honeymoon and plenty of renovation to the inside of the house. Hopefully next year all of the inside work will be finished and I can get a nice garden started!

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