My Asus notebook. Yes, that case is pink.

My Asus notebook. Yes, that case is pink.




I don’t like paying full price for things, so often if I can find a great deal on a used item I choose that route instead. Though technology is constantly changing, often too fast to keep up with, sometimes older items serve the purpose just as well.

Take for instance a portable device that would allow me to access a wireless internet connection, type word docs, and check email. When Kelly at the was giving away an iPad last month, I immediately entered to win just such a device. My thinking was I needed something to blog with on the go, access school documents, or check my email.

Well, I didn’t win. But as iPads were dancing in my head for the next few days, my husband quickly pointed out that it wasn’t the device I needed anyway. (Always the bearer of bad technology news.)

Instead, he offered up a solution; purchase a used mini-laptop or ASUS notebook. I realized he was right. I could still use a jump drive (which would have come in handy about a month ago during a class final!), access my online documents, and even slip in a blog post or two now and again (I kept this use to myself, though. 😉 )

After a few weeks of scouring eBay I settled on selecting an ASUS Eee PC; a very small notebook computer. Since my husband is thinking of purchasing a mini-HP laptop in the future, the ASUS seemed like the right choice for me, especially since I’m kind of hard on my things and the ASUS seemed more durable.

A few auctions later, my husband scored a 4G ASUS for $105, including shipping and a case! What a deal. It’s a few years old but in good condition and I can live with the pink case (see photo above). It’s hard drive is very small, but since I knew this going into it I’m using Google Docs more often and my jump drive to access my files. It also easily connects to wireless internet making blogging more feasible.

Sometimes it pays to purchase slightly older technology for a lot less money if the functionality meets a need.

Have you purchased older, used technology? What was your experience?