I came across Megan Lea’s adorable backyard cabin while browsing Dwell.com. I love the shades of wood on the exterior of the building and the interior looks warm and cozy, too. Lea’s cabin was built from reclaimed wood through Barnwood Naturals, LLC, a company dedicated to building and installing home installations using 100% reclaimed wood from old barns and buildings. The coloring of the wood is natural, I believe, because it came from various barn finds. It definitely adds a unique facade to the building.

Megan Lea's backyard cabin made from reclaimed materials.
Megan Lea’s backyard cabin made from reclaimed materials.
If you’re interested in building your own tiny home, check out the Tiny House Plans book. It has some great building plans.

Her cabin is 11′ x 14′ and sits where her now-defunct vegetable patch used to be. It’s a quaint addition to a backyard corner.

Reclaimed paneling from old barn finds.
Reclaimed paneling from old barn finds.

Of course, reclaimed materials can also be used for interior projects, like wall treatments, stairways, or counter tops and islands. Just check out these ideas from Barnwood Naturals:

Paneling in a stairwell from Barnwood Naturals.

Have you used reclaimed materials for a home project?



  1. @Cat – I’m obsessed with small cabins and love that this one is made from reclaimed materials. The copper roof was apparently a Craigslist find. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Crystal @ Prairie Ecothrifter Reply

    That barn is adorable! We should have used reclaimed wood for our above-the-ground flower bed in the old house, but we didn’t think about it. We’ll definitely do that in our new backyard…

    • @Crystal – That would be a great use for reclaimed wood – a raised garden. I’d love to see photos when it’s finished!

  3. That cabin is gorgeous. I wonder how expensive the materials were. Do eco-friendly companies charge more for offering these re-claimed materials?

    • @Johnny – That’s a good question. I kind of wonder if there is more cost involved since the time spent rummaging to get the wood might be more than just having new wood delivered. I’ll have to check into that.

  4. Could you send me a cobtact information for the builder/owner of this little house. We are interested to build on our own in our garden. Thank you.

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