It is always heartwarming to pay your grandmother a visit. However, you need to be mindful of the work and expenses involved on her part. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to lessen her burden when you visit her over the weekend.

  • An honest talk matters:

Give your grandma a call and strike an honest conversation. If you ask her how she is, she will likely say that she’s fine. But don’t just take her word without really probing deeper. There may be something that is bothering her, which she doesn’t want you to know.

Ask her what her plans are for the weekend and what she wants to do once you pay her a visit. Once you get an idea of what she wants, let the rest of your family know about it so you can prepare accordingly. Draft an itinerary as a reference to your family will also be guided.

  • Come early; bring your linens:

Understand that cleaning the house takes a lot of time, and you wouldn’t want your grandma to spend much of her energy in preparing the home. Thus, you can make life easier for her by arriving early and helping out with the last minute cleaning. You should also bring your linens, which you and your family will use during your stay.

  • Divide the duties:

When it comes to preparing the meals, divide the duties accordingly. Talk to your grandma and request a list of ingredients she needs. You can buy these ingredients on your way to her home. Just make sure you arrive several hours early.

You can also ask your other relatives to chip in on the grocery expenses. You can also tell her that you can accompany her to the store to buy the items.

Before leaving grandma’s house, you can also help out in tidying the place up again. The night before you leave, take out any trash. Wipe the surfaces that you used and fix your stuff and start packing.

This should apply to all the other relatives who are coming over with you. Keep in mind that your grandma will likely take several hours before she can clean her house. But with everybody’s help, everything can be finished in under an hour.

Make sure that you part ways seeing that she has a big smile on her face. Do everything that you can to make her life easier during your stay. You can even prepare a surprise gift or token that you will give right before you drive home.  Looking for a new home, contact trusted East Bay real estate agents today.

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