Yakezie Round-Up
Yakezie Round-Up

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday! For me, it’s the last day of Spring Break, yet it’s only a couple months away before Summer Vacation begins (teacher’s are lucky, we get all the breaks. Vacation breaks, that is! I’m a dork ;).) I had some time to check out fellow Yakezie members posts, here is the latest – enjoy!

And for some random excitement, my blog finally broke out of that 200,000 Alexa Ranking. I’m now heading toward breaking out of that 100,000 category. I’m the little house that could! I apologize for my dorky comments. I just can’t help myself.


  1. @Young and Thrifty – Thanks for the comment! Yes, my vacation time is really nice. However, as a sub-teacher, I don’t get paid for vacation. Hopefully, once I’m fully credentialed (and some jobs open up!) I will be getting those vacation days PAID!

  2. Financial Samurai Reply

    Nice work on breaking 200K! And funny you should mention Len Penzo, bc he’s officially joining in the challenge as well! whoo hoo!

    Best, Sam

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