I feel as though this house is taking FOREVER! I know that’s really not the case, but it sure does feel like it’s been a very drawn-out process. We officially began this process in March, so here we are six months later and it’s still not done. However, our manufactured house now has the garage built, though it needs the siding put on and the driveway installed.

There’s really not that much to do on the house, but the contractors only work on our unit two to three times a week while they work on others at the same time. We also have inspections we have to pass and the inspector only comes out once a week. Even though they could finish up our house in a week if they really jammed on it, I’m predicting it will take at least three more weeks before we’re able to move in.

Flooring will be installed at the end of the month.
Flooring will be installed at the end of the month.

Here’s the breakdown of what needs to be completed at this point:

  • Mason skirting around the house (it hasn’t been delivered yet, and that’s making me a little crazy)
  • Concrete driveway, walkway, patio and two sets of stairs that will need to be inspected
  • Garage siding, door and opener
  • Flooring installed (this will be done at the end of this month and we’re kind of in control of this part)
  • Crown molding put on in a few spots that are missing
  • Final trim in the kitchen
  • Air conditioner unit (though we can move in before it’s delivered and installed)
  • A whole-house cleanup (the house is really dusty – we’ve gone in a couple of times and cleaned as much as we can, but a cleaning crew will go in right before we move in and clean up.)

I’ve been keeping track of how long it’s taken other houses in our community to be complete from the time they are delivered and most are completed within two months of delivery. Ours seems to be taking a little longer considering ours was delivered August 12th. I think we just got stuck with the slower construction team (there are two companies that work in the community and one is efficient and the other is known for working slowly). I’m trying to be patient, but we already gave our 30-day notice to our apartment building and they expect us to move out at the end of the month. We might have to adjust that move out date by a week. ARGH!

Have you experienced a slow construction process on a build or remodel? How did you stay patient?


  1. Money Beagle Reply

    Be patient. I know that things take time but down the line when you’re all settled in, the extra time will be all but forgotten. Congrats on the progress and thanks for sharing.

    • @Money Beagle -Thanks! I’m really trying to be patient, but my patience is running thin. Hopefully the next photos I share will be more exciting – like wood laminate floors in the interior.

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