Im burning my candle at both ends this week.

I'm burning my candle at both ends this week.

I’m posting this mid-week because 1.) I didn’t post any round-ups this past weekend, and 2.) I’m really behind on some projects…crap!  Some terrific articles have been written on various Yakezie member sites that I’d like to share, instead of banging out an article of my own. Enjoy!

  • Sweating the Big Stuff and How to Raise Your Credit Limit (This also touches upon hard inquiries and soft inquiries)
  • Young and Thrify and What’s Your Latte Factor? Of course I had to read this one! I love my Starbucks. However, it does make me think about spending my $2.50 daily. It sure adds up!
  • Ultimate Money Blog is running a whole series on state economies. I love statistics! This one is about Alaska. So who wants to live near Sarah Palin?
  • Rainy Day Saver changed the look of her blog too. I like it! Check it out. (P.S. I’m still working on mine ;))
  • My Money Minute and Wine on a Budget. I personally am more of a beer drinker, but who doesn’t love wine? Okay, me. But most people like it.
  • Monevator plays devil’s advocate on Wasting Money on Memories. Yet, the conclusion is well done.

Since I’m burning the candle at both ends this week (to use a figure of speech), I will make a point to post something meaty in the next day or so. Please hang in there,  I’m just juggling too many jobs right now. (That’s a good thing, though. Right?  🙂 )