March Progress Monitoring

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March Progress Monitoring

The beginning of April means a time to recap my goals. I like things in three, therefore my goals were to save money ($6,000 for the year), continue to grow my blog (375 readers daily), and ride my bike (1,000 miles this year). So how am I doing at day 90?


So awesome I took down my widget bar. Of course, I was trying to clean up my side bar so removing this gave me a little more wiggle room.  I’ve been averaging 20 – 25 miles per week which puts me Ahead of the game.


I’ve been trying to live with a new motto: work smarter, not harder and in doing so I’ve been outsourcing some of the nitty-gritty, time-consuming work it takes to run a blog. Blogging is not all fun and games all the time; it takes work! However, I’ve been growing my readership by making sure I write targeted content (finance or small house plans) and even took the time to redesign the look of Little House in the Valley to streamline my topics. Based on my Word Press stats, I’m averaging 300 visits per day.  Progress: Mostly on target.

Saving Money

Still on target I’m glad to admit. Consistently making money has been my roadblock to saving money. So far, so good. If I can just keep this momentum up, I should be able to meet my goal. Progress:  On Target.

Overall, I’m meeting my goals and been consistent since last month. Let this be the recurring theme for the year!

How are your New Year’s goals or resolutions going so far?


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  1. Michelle

    Sounds like you’re doing good! I’m doing mostly good, except I need to workout.

    • Little House

      @Michelle – That’s great Michelle. I noticed that you have also made time for travel, which is great. Keep up the great work!
      @Retire by 40 – Thanks for the encouragement. As long as everything keeps chugging along, I should be able to meet my goal. 🙂
      @Hunter – BLL has really motivated me to ride to work more so meeting this goal is easy! 😉
      @Krantcents – Keep working towards your goals and I’m sure you’ll catch up. My biggest problem meeting my goals in the past is inconsistency – I think I’ve finally got a plan that works, but it takes a lot of budgeting and management!

  2. retirebyforty

    Keep at it. I see you are right on track at $1500. I’m sure you can do it. I’ll write my update next week.

  3. Hunter

    Keep riding! You’re going to blow that goal away.

  4. krantcents

    My goals are upside down as I recently reported. It is a temporary setback, but I will recover later this year.

  5. Well Heeled Blog

    I actualy haven’t checked on my 2012 goals… oops. But I did get into my business school of choice, I continue to save for retirement, and I’m doing OK with spending on wedding and honeymoon, so overall I think I deserve at least a B. 😉

  6. Well Heeled Blog

    Did you get my previous comment? (If yes, feel free to delete this one!)

  7. 101 Centavos

    I think I’m doing OK. At least, I don’t feel like I’m behind in anything. Not having had any NY resolutions helps.


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