On the sixth day of savings my true love gave to me…

Six fleece-lined layers…

Five golden things,

Four calling cards,

three custom pens,

two fluffy gloves,

and a gift card to JC Penney’s..

Layers are the key to staying warm during these chilly winter days. Layers lined with fleece are extra warm and fluffy. Fleece may not be tres chic, but heck, it’s warm when the weather turns gloomy and gray. A few of my favorite fleece-lined items:

  • Sweatshirts – fleece lined sweatshirts keep you snugglely on cool winter days.
  • PJ’s – who doesn’t want fuzzy, soft PJ’s to sleep in?
  • Slippers- I’m not much of a slipper person, but a couple of years ago I received some fleece lined slippers for Christmas that were really warm and comfy. They were great to wear on cold mornings.

Warm clothing items make great gifts in the Northern Hemisphere during the holiday season (sorry my Southern friends – I guess I can’t stay warm all year long.) There’s always the issue of size, but if the person is a close friend or family member, it’s not that hard to figure out  the sizing. I’d recommend staying on the safe side and asking their size if you’re not sure or going with a slightly larger size and gift receipt if you really feel uncomfortable about sizing issues.

Of course, you can always buy someone you love a fleece-lined beanie and forget about sizing all together.

How is your shopping going? I’m hoping to be finished by tomorrow and shipped by Saturday at the latest. (I’m feeling a bit rushed and that’s not a happy feeling.)


  1. Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter Reply

    I have this pair of fleece lined slippers and I love them. In fact I live in them in winter. I love putting them on after a long day at work. Great suggestion.

  2. Denise @ The SIngle Saver Reply

    Fleece is a wonderful gift idea (for others or yourself) as it is warm, comfy, and cheap! I always wait until Old Navy have a big sale on their performance fleece and then stock up on fleece tops, which I find more comfortable than sweatshirts.

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