On the ninth day of savings my true love gave to me…

Nine lessons dancing…

Eight maids a cleaning…

Seven sausages sizzling…

Six fleece-lined layers…

Five golden things,

Four calling cards,

three custom pens,

two fluffy gloves,

and a gift card to JC Penney’s..

I finished up my teaching credential this month (Whoo Hoo! Celebration time!) and was impressed with the ballroom dancing component offered to the fifth graders. Similar to the documentary, Red Hot, Ballroom, the school where I was teaching taught the fifth graders how to ballroom dance with a competition against other schools later in the spring. It inspired me to want to take up dancing (and I learned the basic Tango in the process). It also got me thinking that it would be a fun “couple” activity for my husband and me to do next year.

Dance lessons can range from inexpensive (say at a recreation center) to expensive (think Dancing with the Stars). But what a great way to exercise, have fun as a couple, and impress friends and family at weddings and parties. Many private dance studios offer packages for 4 to 6 weeks ranging in price (from $90 to $160 per couple) which are typically taught as a group lesson or for those who want more privacy and are willing to spend a little more, many studios offer private lessons. Larger dance associations also host lessons for as little as $15 per class in the Los Angeles area. Depending on your city, you might be able to use a Groupon to save money as well and give this as a gift to you and your significant other.

I don’t know if I’d purchase dance lessons for family members or friends, since this is a more personal gift, but if I decide to take lessons myself, I might be able to convince friends to participate as well.

Would you purchase dance lessons for you and your spouse or partner?


  1. My husband and I both have two left feet, so when we try to dance complicated dances together, we’re absolutely terrible. The one dance class we took together (salsa) had us switch partners every five minutes in the beginning to match new people with the experienced people for a while, and I must say I can dance. So can my husband. We just both need a lot of help. Maybe private lessons would be better for us!

  2. Hunter - Financially Consumed Reply

    This would be a really fun activity for my wife and I. Unfortunately, we would also have to add the cost of minding out three children while we were out, but it’s still a possibility.

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