When having to balance work, family, and friends, sometimes finding time to clean your home can be difficult. In this article, we provide tips that will make keeping things spic and span a whole lot easier. Here are ways you can maximize every minute you spend cleaning.

Plan Ahead

Instead of cleaning your entire home in a single weekend, it’s better to set out some time on particular days to clean 1 – 2 rooms. This way, it won’t feel like cleaning is a crammed up task. Plan ahead and you will be able to find small amounts of time during your day to clean certain parts of the house. If you continue to do so, you can keep every single room clean.

Use Efficient Tools

The better your tools, the faster the cleaning process.  From absorbent microfiber mops and powerful vacuum cleaners to a sweep and trap, cleaning tools nowadays are a lot more efficient. Take advantage of them not only cuts back on the time it takes to tidy up your home, it also makes cleaning a little more fun as well.

Designate and Declutter

Sometimes, you might end up cleaning things you won’t even use or don’t care about anymore. The best way to deal with this is to declutter your home. Start by grabbing three separate boxes: one for items you can put up on garage sale, one you can donate to charity, and one that goes to directly to the garbage can. When you have sorted out the clutter, you will notice that it will take less time to clean your home.

Choose When to Clean Windows

Cleaning on a sunny day tend to dry glass too fast, causing it to have streaks on your clean windows. It’s best to work on them when days are a bit cloudy or overcast. To keep your windows crystal clear, it’s recommended to use a microfiber towel instead of your run-of-the-mill cloth.

Time Yourself

If you set a timer for your chores, you’ll learn how long it will take to do each one. Knowing this will allow you to manage your time and use it more efficiently in the future. Timing yourself will also make you stay focused and productive as you are racing against the clock that you’ve set for yourself.

Let Gravity Help You

Always work from top to bottom. If you do it the other way around, unwanted material from higher places may fall down and dirty up the floor again.  Start with harder to reach places such as the top of doors, wall hangings, ceiling fans, and what not. Continue to work down to lower furniture. When you finally get to the floor, you won’t have to be cleaning anything above it again.

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