Now that we’re getting settled into our new manufactured home, I’m starting to plot my next big property purchase: an A-Frame house in the mountains. Ideally, we’d like to purchase an inexpensive, small-ish cabin for weekend and summer get-aways. Our eyes are focused on Big Bear, our favorite end-of-summer vacation spot. Our plan to make this fiscally responsible is to rent it out during the popular winter months to skiiers and stay in it ourselves during the warmer months. The rental income would cover a portion of the mortgage and make this possible. Currently, this plan is only in the “dream” stage. Perhaps in a couple of years it will be in the actual “planning” stage. A girl can dream, can’t she?! Here’s an adorable A-Frame cabin in Idyllwild (we like this place, too, but it’s harder to scrape up rental income without the skiing activities nearby). You can find this rental on

A-Frame Cabin in the San Jacinto Mountains near Idyllwild on


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