It’s not a shock that I love small houses – I’ve pretty much dedicated my entire blog to them! I’m also in the process of building a small-ish manufactured home and can’t wait to move into it (we’re really hoping for the end of this month.) Small homes might not be for everyone, but here are a few reasons I like small-ish homes (between 800 – 1,600 square feet):

  1. Smaller ecological footprint – smaller homes require less energy in terms of heating and cooling
  2. Less square feet to clean! Who doesn’t like that?
  3. You have more money to spend on the details instead of a gigantic mortgage.
  4. Less wasted space. The people I know who own large homes barely occupy the entire house. Usually, they congregate into one room and spend most of their time there.
If you’re interested in building your own tiny home, check out the Tiny House Plans book. It has some great building plans.

Of course, large families may disagree with my small house admiration, but I’m sure most people would agree that these small, Ross Chapin homes below are really adorable (all plans available for purchase on the Ross Chapin website):

The Kaleah is a quaint two-story home that is just under 1,600 square feet. The details include a Dutch door and window boxes built in to the porch railing.


The Lavatera is another two-story home that packs a lot in 881 square feet including a sleeping loft.


One of my favorite plans is the Vinnlee, though I can’t really say it’s small at 2,551 square feet. To me, that’s huge! But I absolutely love the wrap around porch and deck on the back.


Even though I’m really excited to move into my own little house, I still love looking at styles and floor plans. Maybe one day I’ll build a weekend get-away that mimics a plan I find.

Do you live in a small house? Did you have any choice in floor plan or modify an existing one?

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