No matter where your home is or wherever you’re living in this world, air conditioning is necessary these days. Whether your summers are humid or scorching hot; air conditioning is quite important in your home. Therefore, choosing the right air conditioning systems for your home can be a dilemma!

Air Conditioning Systems Tips and Guide

Out of so many options available in the market how can you be sure that you’re buying the right one? Firstly, you must be aware that which type of air conditioner you require. Generally, there are four types of air conditioning systems and they are: Central Air Conditioning Systems, Ductless units, Portable Air Conditioners & Window Air Conditioners.

Different Types of AC Systems

Central Air Conditioning Systems:

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The most commonly preferred system for homes is the centralized air conditioning. It consists of an external condenser unit fixed outside your home which expels out heat. On the other hand, the evaporating coil cools your inner home.

Central Air-Conditioning system functions by drawing out warm air from your home by a duct, using furnace or air handling fans. Heat removes from the air and it cools down when it passes through the evaporator coils. Central AC systems are of two types: Split & Packaged Central AC Systems. Central AC systems are the most economical solution for complete home air conditioning.

Ductless Air Conditioners:

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The Air conditioning systems that don’t depend on ducts for distributing cool air are known as the ductless air conditioners. You can use a single, or multiple indoor units to cool the air. Each indoor unit cools the air of the area where it gets installed. You can hang these indoor units either on the walls, ceilings and even floors. You can easily link the conduit between the outer and internal units through a small hole in the walls.

Many types of ductless air conditioners work as a heat pump i.e. they can work both as an AC and as a heater.

Portable Air conditioners:

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As suggested from the name these air conditioners are movable and you can take them from one room to another. They usually require a vent in order to take out moisture from hot air produced by the unit. You can fix them on the floor of the room and the heat can discharge by a window vent. These types of air conditioners are louder than other types of air conditioners.

Window air conditioners:

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These air conditioners are usually small in size and can fit in your window frames easily. They are particularly used to cool just a single room. They work by cooling the air from inside of your home by passing it through the evaporating coil. The air then goes through the condensed coil and is blown outside. Window air conditioners are quite easy to install and can offer cooling options at different levels.


However, which type of air conditioning system you want depends on your preferences. For example, in humid areas it is essential to have air conditioning, Mandurah is a good example of a humid area. Some factors that can help you in deciding which type of AC system you need are:

  • Place where AC needs installation.
  • The size of your home.
  • Numbers of room in your home etc.

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