While perusing another terrific site that I guest posted for, SaveUp, I came across a website called Spendster.org. Spendster wants you to confess all your dirty little shopping secrets in the safety of others. You can upload a confessional video telling what habits you indulge in, watch others videos (apparently so you can feel better about yourself!), or join in the discussion. Spendster also provides a nifty calculator that helps calculate how much money you could save if you weren’t spending it on all that stuff.

After you’ve figured out how much money you could be saving and the guilt sets in, click on over to their Litter Man blog to read ideas that could help you trim that spending urge. They also provide common-sense advice on how to trim particular habits in the “Your Stuff” page. Select the category you spend most of your money on and compare it to other Spendsters. (P.S. I’m in the 49% group! Wanna guess which category that is?!) Then select one of their helpful money tips documents (I could totally use these to teach that finance class that NO ONE signed up for! That’s a different story for another time.)

Another fun way to tighten that belt is to enter one of their contests. They recently hosted a video contest and gave away cash prizes for sharing all the useless stuff that a person seems to accumulate. Great incentive!

Here’s a sample of their Spendster calculator. I used my Starbucks coffee addiction as my sample:

Spendster.org; find out how much money you're wasting on stuff
Spendster.org; find out how much money you’re wasting on stuff

My coffee habit could be saving me $1,095 per year. If I gave up coffee for one year, I could have $5,256 in 40-years. Good thing I don’t charge my coffee, it would cost me 3 times the amount!

Are you a Spendster?


  1. Khaleef @ KNS Financial Reply

    I did something similar for a few people in order to help them see how much cable and other things could really cost them. They were shocked by the number, buy they didn’t change their behavior.

    I wonder if the same thing happens here.

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