Newlywed Bliss Box
Newlywed Bliss Box

I’m getting close to the finale on the Bliss Box Contents. I’m down to the Spender/Saver Quiz, which this post will explain, the resource list, and the possible addition of a great book. Any additional items that have been suggested such as day spa coupons or saving love notes would need to be added separately. I’ve created this quiz using my own personal knowledge of how my husband and I decide what to buy and when to buy it. I consider myself a saver and think my husband definitely falls more on the side of spender. So my personal experiences guided my question creation. Enjoy the quiz below:

1.) You and your loved one are planning a vacation. The first thing you do is:
A. Save a portion of your income for 6 months to a year before a trip is even discussed.
B. Scour the internet for savings on flight and hotel packages. If there aren’t any, you put off your trip until a deal can be found.
C. Find the best price on an internet site, such as Travelocity, and book your trip.
D. Head to your local travel agent.

2.) Your first generation flat-screen TV isn’t nearly as pixel-perfect as your neighbor’s brand new one. You decide to:
A. What flat-screen TV? I’m still getting by on my old tube-style TV / or don’t own a TV.
B. Not compare your TV’s since it really isn’t that important to you.
B. Wait a few more years before upgrading a TV that is still working just fine.
C. Run out and purchase a brand-new flat-screen. Take that, Joneses!

3.) Your trusty-car is becoming more and more rattle-prone and noisy each day. Though your dealer has told you that is normal based on its age and everything else is just fine you decide to:
A. Trust your dealer and keep your car until it completely dies.
B. Begin to formulate a plan and save money to purchase a new car in a year or two.
C. Post your car on eBay to see if you can get a decent bid, giving you enough money to put a down-payment on a new one.
D. Run to your nearest dealer and trade in your perfectly good, but rattly, car for a new one.

4.) Buying generic brands makes you feel:
A. Terrific! They’re the only brands you buy.
B. Okay, though there are definitely some items you must buy that are name-brands.
C. Ashamed. You only buy generic when you just can’t afford name-brands.
D. Generic brands? What are you taking about? I only purchase name-brand items.

5.) When comparing your savings account to your overall debt, you feel:
A. Great! Your savings account is hefty and you have no debt, or very little to speak of.
B. Pretty good. Your savings account is growing by the day and your debt is dwindling quickly.
C. Okay. You’re trying to save a portion of your income, but your debt isn’t getting paid down very quickly.
D. You’re drowning in debt and have no savings account to speak of.

6.) A budget is:
A. A tool you use to help figure out where your money is going, each category specifically details income and expenses.
B. Something you look at quarterly and use it loosely to determine where you can save money.
C. You’ve heard of it, but you don’t bother to create one. If the money is there, great. If not, oh well.
D. What are you talking about? I need a dictionary.

7.) You view your credit cards as:
A. A tool that can help you build your credit score. You only use them when you know you can pay them off in full each month. (Or you don’t have any credit cards).
B. A great convenience. They allow you to purchase large ticket items, then pay them off quickly at a low interest rate.
C. Something of a catch-22. They are great because you can purchase items you can’t afford, but then you have to pay more for the item in the long run.
D. A curse. I wish I’d never signed up for one!

8.) You’re out window shopping with a friend when a beautiful watch catches your eye. You know the price is slightly above what you’re willing to pay, but your credit card just offered you a 6-month zero percent interest rate that’s very enticing. You decide to:
A. Forget about the watch, you don’t need it.
B. Go home and price check that watch against online deals to see if you can get it for less. If you can’t, then forget it.
C. Wait until the watch goes on sale, then go buy that baby!
D. Say the heck with it and swipe that plastic card.

Did you remember to write your choices down? Here is the basic scoring I’ve concocted:

A = 0 points
B = 1 point
C = 2 points
D = 3 points

On a sliding scale, anything less than 12 points places you more along the savers end of the spectrum. Anything above 12 points puts you on the spenders side. See graphic below to determine where you fall:

Bliss Box Spender/Saver Quiz Tally
Bliss Box Spender/Saver Quiz Tally

Some comments I received also included creating different kinds of quizzes and I love that idea. If anyone wants to contribute different quizzes, or add to this one, let me know. Ultimately, because this Bliss Box idea has grown quite a bit, I think I’ll create a separate page that lists all the Bliss Box contents for general use. Your thoughts on the quiz are welcome.


  1. Very fun quiz!

    I scored a 3… (not as high as I expected)

    Although I don’t know if I’d ever trust my car dealer in #3, but I’m hoping to keep my car until it dies 🙂

    • @Money Reasons – I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz! That’s what I was striving for. As for scoring a 3, that’s pretty good. Sounds like you’re definitely a saver!

  2. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Reply

    I love little quizzes like this!

    I scored a 6…the budget and the watch saved me, lol…my only 2 A’s, the rest were B’s…apparently, I’m a little spendy, lol.

    I hope the Bliss Box goes over well! I think it would be a fun present, but hubby and I knew we weren’t spendthrifts already, so I guess we aren’t the target audience. Fun anyway though!

    • @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – Thanks playing! A 6 isn’t bad. When I was coming up with the questions and answers, many of my answers were B’s (I think that would put me in the spendy side too. 😉

  3. benjamin bankruptcy Reply

    Great quiz, you should try “quizzin” it’s a wp plugin, you can turn it into an online quiz and send them the link… OR!

    Use snap fish or something and insert it into an old cosmo magazine so it’s like doing the cosmo quiz

    • @Benjamin Bankruptcy – I love that idea. I’ll have to hunt down that plugin so others can link to it. I also like the idea of borrowing other quizzes now and then. thanks for the tip!

  4. Barb Friedberg Reply

    FUN FUN FUN— Great way to start my “work day.” Thanks for the invite to participate. I AM STOKED. I got a 4. I got 2 C’s and the rest A’s. This was very cool. Thanks, Barb

    • @Barb Friedberg – Thanks for playing! I personally love taking quizzes, so creating one was fun. It also fit in nicely with your post the other day on how spenders and savers may have trouble living together. 😉

  5. Barb Friedberg Reply

    Forgot to mention, I loved your original credit ebook I downloaded a few months ago. Is the link on your site the same one? Best, Barb

  6. Getting close to a finale on the Bliss Box? Does that mean we’ll be seeing it in Targets across America in a little while?
    .-= FinEngr´s last blog ..Sudden Disappearance- Now Back in Action =-.

    • @FinEngr – I’m pretty much done, but I think it will be only available online for now! Perhaps in the future, the Walmarts and the Targets with carry it. lol.

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