Tips to build your home office

In 2018, the average commute time in the United States was just over 26 minutes one-way. That adds up to nearly nine days every year. If you’ve been lucky enough to land a remote position, you’re probably very grateful to get those days back. Now, it’s time to build your home office so that you can be as comfortable and productive as possible.

While you might think all that you need is a desk, laptop and a strong Internet connection, a good home office requires more.

Maximize Your Space

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Many Philadelphia homes for sale offer designated offices or dens, but if you don’t have a room in your home to designate for an office, it can be difficult to figure where to find the space for a desk, chair, and storage. Maximize your space by using a corner desk, which can fit nicely in any nook of your home. Another idea is to use a closet as your office space. Surprisingly, a closet can provide more than enough space for a desk, and may even room for a chair, while shelves can be added for filing and supplies. What’s really great about this idea is that when you are done working, you can simply close the doors and be done with your day, just like you would if it was a room.

Upgrade Your Equipment

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Don’t use just any old chair. It’s worth investing in a new, high-quality chair that you’ll be comfortable working in all day long. Don’t try to purchase one online – go to an office or furniture store and test them out. Consider purchasing a standup desk, which is better for you and your posture. Research has shown that sitting for long periods can be very detrimental to one’s health. Be sure that it’s ergonomic, in fact, your keyboard, mouse and other equipment should all meet ergonomic standards. Your neck should be aligned with your spine, your feet flat on the ground, and your lower arms and wrists should be parallel with the floor.

Manage Clutter and Cables

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Create a filing system that works for you and reduces clutter. Purchase a filing cabinet or use baskets to organize your papers. There are a ton of options when you head out shopping for office storage. You’ll be able to find something just right for the space you have, big or small, while meeting your needs and matching the overall decor of your office, whether it’s sleek and modern or fun and bold.

You might want to consider going wireless too. Although you’ll need to find a solution for computer wires or laptop chargers, you can purchase wireless keyboards, mice, and monitors.

Get Decorative

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Paint your walls an energetic color, perhaps red, yellow or orange, avoiding anything too dark or too dull, which can help keep you energized and motivated throughout the day. Think about adding greenery to your office too. Air purifying plants especially, such as spider plants, peace lilies, and sword ferns, are shown to increase productivity.

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