Carpeting has always managed to make space in the décor ideas of our houses for centuries. Despite all the unique flooring ideas that keep on emerging on the home décor scene, love for carpeting is not dying.

Carpet not only enhances the look of the room but feels so good when our bare feet touch its plush surface. But carpet, our cherished flooring item, is way more than just an eye-candy of the room. They can turn into a cuddling hub of all kinds of germs, moulds and harmful dust particles without your knowledge. That’s why professional carpet cleaning is not an option, but a necessity for you.

Oh well, don’t get agitated because you have survived the blow of all these unwanted guests living in your carpet. But don’t test your immune system anymore! You need to debunk some carpet cleaning myths right now to get back on the track of bacteria-free home! Here is what you need to know to get a dosage of facts:

Toilet Seat or Carpet – the Dirt-King?

What if someone says that your carpet is dirtier than a toilet seat, would you believe it? Most of you would answer it as ‘no’, and it is totally understandable! We all know that a toilet seat is dirty, but don’t forget that we disinfect and clean it regularly. Whereas, a carpet is neither disinfected nor cleaned on a daily basis. So, technically, a carpet is dirtier than a toilet seat, around 4,000 times more bacteria-ted.

A Dirty Carpet is not Always Smudged:

We all think that a dirty carpet is one which is filled with smudges of spilt things or has changed its color due to dirt. But do you know that a carpet has the capacity to hold almost 1-lb of dirt per square inch without letting you know that it is dirty? So, if you think that your carpet is clean and dirt-free, then your carpet might be deceiving you. It doesn’t always have to be colorless and smudged to signal that it needs cleaning service.

The vacuum is not a Panacea:

Most of us think that vacuum is the best option to clean the carpet. It is – but only to the extent of removing dust from the upper surface. It does no harm to germs thriving in the inner layer of the carpet. Even the most powerful vacuum section can’t pull all germs hidden in the grooves and fibre of the carpet. That’s when you need carpet cleaning services to make your carpet germ-free.

Carpet Provides Thriving Environment:

You might think that toilet seat, the area under the sink, dustbin and cabinets are the most protected environment for germs to thrive. They are, but not as much as carpet is, you wash and clean them…not carpets. Moreover, carpet is a house of dead skin, food crumbs, dander and pollens, which are like a buffet treat for the germs. So, they happily live in carpet, feeding on the tantalizing buffet while spreading diseases in your home.

Now you know that carpet cleaning is not an option but a necessity for you! If you ever feel that your family members are becoming sick without any prevalent reason, then your carpet might be demanding a professional touch. Listen to these alarms before they turn into a serious warning!

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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