I came across the Yankee Barn Homes through Tiny House Plans the other day and thought they were just exquisite. Though not exactly tiny, the carriage houses (basically a garage with a living area above) are on the small-ish size if you count only the living space, around 1,100 square feet. However, the details in both the interior and exterior explain why the ballpark the price is around $200/square feet. This price doesn’t include land or site work, but it does include appliances and foundation – or basically a “turn-key” price.

Interior Yankee Barn Home - Bennington model
Interior Yankee Barn Home – Bennington model

The vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and hardwood floors are just a few things to like about this company’s architecture. From the Bennington to the Edgewater, each garage living space offers an open floor plan with some options for the lower level garage area. Want a mudroom or laundry room downstairs? The Hartford offers these including a tack room (which I would probably turn into an office). The Edgewater offers a pool room on the same level as the garage, which again I’d probably convert into something more useful. Thinking of opening a restaurant? The Eaton plan seems a bit more set up for a commercial purpose with a bar/kitchen in the center of the living area and no bedrooms.

Garage or carriage home plans also serve a multi-functional purpose. Many owners use the garage/work space for a business function and the living space as their own living area, reducing the cost of a separate building, or guest quarters. I could definitely see having a workshop in the garage and an office within the first floor while living above to conserve and save funds. There’s also enough garage storage space on the bottom floor to easily store seasonal items or miscellaneous¬†things.¬†It’s a clever use of space.

The square foot to build price might scare some people off, but building your own home isn’t always the least expensive option. Instead, you’re looking at quality over frugality.

However, if $200/square feet seems a little steep but you like the idea of a “carriage house” living situation, there are some other companies out there they sell similar garage plans (Yankee Barn Homes do not sell their plans). According to Eplans, the below garage plan can be built for about $168K to $312K (depending on where you live).

Eplan garage home.
Eplan garage home.

Could you live in the Bennington or similar garage-style house plan?


  1. SB @ One Cent at a Time Reply

    I like this idea of a carriage house. I have seen this specially in coastal regions in my area, south Florida, it acts as an added protection from flooding.

    • @SB – I didn’t think about flooding, but you’re right, it’s another advantage to this style of house. I like the idea of having a work space below the living area. It’d be great for a handy person.

  2. Greg@Thriftgenuity Reply

    Sadly, I think I am pretty cookie-cutter when it comes to homes. It looks very nice, but I don’t really like having garage doors dominate so much of the front of the house. I think you’re right that these layouts would be excellent for a restaurant.

    • @Greg – I usually don’t like garage doors as the prominent feature to a house either, but I love the idea of the barn doors. I think it’s just the overall style I like. It would work for certain situations – like having a side business or perhaps just as a business.

  3. The Bennington Carriage House is my home! I’m glad feedback on the house is positive. My husband and I designed the home with the help of Yankee Barn. We are empty nesters and the Victorian barn style architecture appealed to us. Living quarters are on the second level and a guest bed/bath, utility rooms, and my husband’s Tai chi studio are on the first level. While it wouldn’t work for everyone, it works beautifully for us and our two Boxers, Violet and Tyson. Thanks for featuring our home!

    • I found this carraige home and absolutly fell in love with it, the first time a home truly has my heart. The other blurbs say its a steep 200.oo per sq foot? ouch, but I can dream. I did notice one of the owners remarks in another site that it boasts 864 feet? is your a modified version of the original 1100 sq ft floor plan? I think I have looked at the pictures a hundred times now in less than a week. I absolutly adore it. Thanks for sharing your homes pictures. Im trying to figure out where I could put a small woodstove and a second bedroom as a guest room in the garage area. yes Im still dreaming but it isnt a bad thing to have a dream in this crazy world we live in..lol Tom

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