Are you familiar with a craftsman style home? Or do you still find it challenging to grasp the concept? Scroll down to find out more about this distinctive architecture trend!

Understanding The History: Early in the 20th century, craftsman style began its journey as one of the most influential architecture tendencies. To fight again the mass production of urban housing, craftsman style homes pay great attention to details and decoration.

Thanks to these features, craftsman style is known to be charming, cozy and elegant. It has survived more than one hundred years and is now making a comeback in the housing industry. But what makes or breaks a craftsman style home? How many factors that contribute to the distinctiveness of a craftsman style home? We attempt to address these questions in our article below. Keep reading to find out more!

Five Factors That Make A Craftsman Style Home

Craftsman Style Home
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1. Wooden brackets and corbels:

Craftsman style places a great emphasis on details, which makes wooden brackets and corbels hugely popular. In essence, they work as a pillar by connecting your ceiling and your walls. A wooden bracket or corbel can add more stability to your home, but do not miss out on its decorative function. Brackets or corbels are sleek additions to your craftsman style home, as they give out a colonial vibe.

2. Gable decoration:

A gable is a structure placed right under your home’s pitch. It serves an architectural purpose, but in the case of a craftsman style home, a gable is usually there for decoration. A triangular gable made from cedar is the most common type of gable decoration. It is compact, yet it can be eye-pleasant on your rooftop,

3. An impressive fireplace with substantial wooden details:

You can find a fireplace in many types of house, but a craftsman style home has an extremely outstanding design of furnaces. Instead of a modest furnace, craftsman style favors a fireplace with an imposing mantel. The mantel should come in delicate patterns, but it must still be able to ventilate the heat.

Next up, you should wrap a wooden trim around your fireplace. While marble is an acceptable alternative, replicating a craftsman style fireplace will be easier if you focus mainly on wooden ornaments.

4. Maximum use of natural material:

Craftsman style home was born to counter the mass-production of Victorian urban houses. This architecture trend opposes to industrial materials and aims at using as many natural resources as possible.

That is the reason why you can try to give your home an element of purity. Cut down on the use of metal, unless it is of extreme importance. Plastic or processed rubber should also be off the list. Instead, opt for more “organic” types of material. Anything from wood and bamboo, to silk or natural stones, will make your home truly craftsman style.

5. The use of cozy colors:

Stay away from modern shades like neon or gradient, everyone! The charm of a craftsman style home lies in its simplicity. You should have a combination of warm and cold colors, but do not let them be too contrasting. It is ideal if you choose a cozy color theme, so your decoration can follow the pattern. Red, yellow and nude are the most popular hues in a craftsman style home.


A craftsman style home is a work of art, as it involves multiple artistic factors. To make sure your home replicates this style correctly, do not hesitate to follow our advice!

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