Your garden doesn’t have to bear a wretched look in winters as you can easily turn the scenario of plants limping on a high bed of snow into a magically beautiful winter wonderland. Specialists at Oeco Garden Rooms are known to develop customised gardens with great finesse and give us tips on producing an enchanting winter garden.

Design the Garden’s Layout

The first thing to consider is  your garden’s layout. The blooming flowers in summers automatically cut back most of your work, but you cannot expect this in winters. In cold weather, the plants shrink revealing the bare land and the sight depicts nothing but gloominess. Use the space properly to rejuvenate your garden’s appearance. Make use of painted flower pots, painted fences, stone pathways, hedges, wooden archways and hanging planters to cover up different areas of your garden in a way that can be remodelled for every season.

Plant Color Flowers for a Vibrant Pop

Your garden blossoms colorful flowers in summer. The same can be achieved in winter as well.  In winters, the white field of snow gives a more prominent display to some flower species, amplifying the garden’s beauty. Some vibrant seasonal flowers include Lavender, Clematis Jingle Bells, Pansy, Christmas Rose, Orchid and Hellebores.

If you own a large garden, you can fill up the spaces by planting small species of Fir trees (some grow up to 80ft tall), as they require low maintenance. Moreover, you can opt for a festive shrub like Holly to give some vividness to your garden. The Holly tree produces colour rich berries only when pollination occurs between male and female shrubs. If you own a small garden you have a choice between trees like Cotoneaster horizontalis and Pyracantha.

Stimulate Seasonal Effect with Winter Scents

In winters, when everyone gets comfy in their houses, we can smell divine scents like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, coffee, baked goods and oranges, but the gardens remain utterly neglected. Bring the same level of comfort in your garden too by planting scented flowers. For instance, Honeysuckle releases a fresh lemon scent whereas Witch Hazel produces a scrumptious scent of liquorice. You can also use Sarcococca shrub to fill the air with a mild scent of honey.

Decorate your Garden with Seasonal Ornaments

Illuminate your pitch-black winter nights by putting up lanterns and fairy lights in your winter wonderland. By hanging them over tree branches, draping them on bush tops or dangling them from sheds, archways, hedges etc, you can not only brighten up your garden, but can also give an enchanting effect to it.

Make use of fancy centerpieces, water fountains, stone structures and statues to give a royal impact to your garden. This can also work as garden wedding decorations if you ever plan on arranging a wedding ceremony in your spellbinding garden. If you’re looking to save some money, use little things like festive ribbons, baubles and tinsels to add some attraction.

Create a Low-Cost Fire Pit

Building your own fire pit is an inexpensive way to hold bonfires and encourage outdoor activities. This also allows you to spend quality time with your family gathering around the fire sharing family stories and toasting off marshmallows.

Lure the Melodious Creatures in your Garden

A winter garden wonderland is incomplete without the melodious chirping of birds, especially the European Robin (Robin Redbreast). This mystical bird is known to be associated with the Christmas festivities since mid-19th century. Like most other birds, Robin feeds on sunflower seeds and crushed nuts. To attract these lovely birds, put some food on a bird table.

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