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MMA is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the U.S., with more people than ever watching fights on pay-per-view and engaging in MMA gambling. However, instead of just watching the action, you might want to get involved yourself, and for that you will definitely need to train. Having your own personal gym is the best way to make sure you are in prime condition before a fight, so we’re taking a look at some top tips on how to create an MMA gym in your home.

Choosing the Right Location

This first point really depends on what kind of space you have available. For an MMA gym, you need adequate floor space to practice footwork, moves and sequences, so the gym can go anywhere provided there’s enough room. For example:

  • A spare room

realistically, any room in your house can be converted into a gym. If it’s right in the next room, you will be motivated to work out regularly. You might also have carpet in there, which is perfectly fine for stand-up training.

  • The garage

another convenient option, as an unused garage can be easily transformed into an MMA gym with cheap floor mats, a hanging punch bag and whatever other equipment you might need.

  • An outdoor space

probably the cheapest and most readily available option, an outdoor area can be great as it’s open-air and the space might not be as restricted. However, you may need to store your equipment indoors or risk having soggy mats when it rains!

Collecting Your Equipment

You can train for an MMA fight with little to no equipment. But if you want the proper MMA gym experience, there are a few necessities to include. Floor mats can be purchased very cheaply, and provide a good base for your training. Alternatively, an exercise mat will also do the job. A skipping rope is essential for getting your body warmed up and pumped. And finally, punch bags of all shapes and sizes can be included in your gym. Heavy bags, speed balls and grappling dummies can all help to hone your MMA skills.

You could also have conventional gym equipment, like kettle bells and free weights to help with strength and conditioning training. And finally, let’s not forget your wearable MMA gear – gloves, mouth guards, and even shin and head guards are all great additions to a training gym.

Adding Decorations and Extras

This last part is really down to personal preference. You can decorate your home gym however it suits you best, whether it’s with mirrored walls, photos of your favorite stars or motivational quotes. Also, adding a flag from your home nation can be a great way to focus on your roots and keep you motivated to train.

Creating an MMA gym in your own home may seem like a difficult task, but by breaking it down into these three simple steps, you can be training in no time. And remember, it doesn’t have to be packed full of sophisticated equipment – if you’ve got the willpower, you can do anything.

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