Many home-buyers, and even apartment-renters, know the pain of choosing the right furniture for their homes. Furniture that seems perfect is often far too pricey, or might be too big an investment if you plan to move in the near future.

On the other hand, cheap furniture is often aesthetically unimpressive at best, and can ruin the feel of an otherwise nice house or apartment.

Home buyers need to check, cross-reference and properly search if they want furniture that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Here, I share two golden nuggets of advice to help you find the best value-for-not-so-much-money furniture!
1.  Have in Mind What You Want

Starting with auction and second-hand sales websites and used furniture stores, home buyers should spend time browsing over the vast catalogs of used-furniture items available. The process should be broken down so that the first stage of shopping is simply perusing catalogs and stores to make notes about what you want.

This can help you narrow down the scope of your search, and cuts out unnecessary or irrelevant items from your list when you move on to buying furniture.

Sometimes, if you find an item or item-style that you particularly like, it’s best to make a note of it and see if you can find similar items at cheaper items from different sites/stores.

In the case of online stores or auction websites, it is often the case that you can reduce the initial asking price of an item by negotiating with the seller. Oftentimes sellers are anticipating that the items they’re selling, by virtue of being second-hand, will go for a lower amount than their asking price.

2. Be Your Own Removalist

You can save a lot of money when buying items you need to pick up by renting a truck or a van and doing the job yourself. Rather than pay removalists a hefty chunk of your saved costs, ask a friend along to help you out and cart the furniture from pick-up point to your house.

If possible, its best to convince the seller to hold furniture until you’re ready to pick it up; the more pick-ups you can pull off in one day, the more money you’ll end up saving. Of course, if you’re really lucky, you can ask a friend who has a truck or a van to use their vehicle and you’ll save even more- perhaps just the price of a thank-you lunch!

All in all it’s a good idea to take your time to search out the items you want. Too often home-buyers either under-furnish their houses because of feared expenses, or they get lost amid a sea of items they don’t really want.

Take the opportunity to check out websites, and also large furniture retailers such as Nick Scali furniture, which have a huge variety of items to choose from.

You will come to find out that many hidden furniture treasures you couldn’t find it new-sale retail stores will leap out at you!

With careful logistical planning of transporting furniture and a well-organized pick-up schedule, you can light up your home at little cost. What’s best, your house-guests and friends won’t have any idea you’ve done it on the cheap!

About the author: Martin Wu is an Architecture student at the University of Sydney. In his final year of study, he gives his two cents about the financial side of filling those dream houses and cozy apartments.


  1. @The Potato Head – Great tip – Craigslist. We’ve sold a few furniture items on there, but never bought any. Lots of great things, though!

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