The tiny house movement is appealing and growing in popularity due to reduced costs, a simpler lifestyle and a lower carbon footprint. However, with the average size of a mini house between 100-400 sq. ft., designing a tiny kitchen can become tricky. While maximizing space is an important consideration, it does not necessarily mean that you have to cook meals in a drab kitchen. It is possible to create a stylish kitchen without sacrificing its functionality.

* Assess Your Needs In Tiny Kitchen:

How you design your kitchen depends on your cooking habits, the number of people you’re cooking for and the type of dishes you’ll be serving. If you’re cooking more often at home or are preparing delicate meals, you might need a spacious countertop.

The number of people living in your tiny house must also be kept in mind as this will determine your cabinets, storage, and fridge space. A decent-sized ref is useful to keep fresh produce or freeze meat unless you are willing or have the time to make frequent trips to the grocery while compact cabinets are convenient to store dry goods.

  • Set Your Budget:

Kitchen Budget
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It is easy to get carried away by a luxurious kitchen design but that does not necessarily correspond to what you need or can afford. Setting a realistic budget will avoid overspending.

For example, you might need to get new machines and high-end brands are often expensive. Fortunately, there are some ways to include inexpensive appliances in your kitchen such as using voucher codes, trading in old appliances or purchasing secondhand. In the same way, think of using reclaimed or salvaged materials to give your kitchen a unique charm and character while saving you money and decreasing pressures on the environment.

  • Consider Your Design Options:

Once you have pinpointed your needs and have a budget in mind, you can start designing your kitchen. There are several options that you can consider. A U-shaped kitchen that features three walls lined with cabinets is a good alternative to free up floor space. It can easily hold 2-3 people at one time in the kitchen. A galley or corridor style layout can also work for your compact home allowing you to work freely from one side to the other safely and efficiently.

To complement your chosen layout, use plenty of drawers instead of doors to optimize space, consider under the seat storage and reduce the number of appliances, utensils, pots/pans, and cutlery. Although white is your best bet for a small kitchen, paints in red, blue, gray, yellow or green give a welcoming and cozy feeling.

Designing or renovating a small kitchen is often challenging. However, with careful planning, design, and budgeting, creating a kitchen that is both stylish and functional is feasible.

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