Electricity is a necessity of humanity, without which life as you know it would not be possible. Despite all the benefits that its invention has brought, the fact is that it can be dangerous. Some failures due to improper handling can be fatal. As seen on this site, trained electricians can solve all problems with electrical devices, wirings, and power supply.

As the demand for these tradesmen increases year by year, more and more people want to pursue this profession. More participants increase market competitiveness, from which customers can benefit. It leads to lower rates, a variety of services, availability, etc.

Among the available electricians, you should choose one to solve your current problem. Having a reliable tradie at your speed dial is always a good thing, as you never know when you might need them. But how to choose ‘the right’ one?

Look for License Holders

You could need an electrician due to install or replace wirings or fix some minor breakdown. Whatever the reason you need them, always look for licensed tradesmen. Whether being independent or employed in a company, every electrician must be a license holder to work under the law.

This document is not an addition that electricians use to raise their rates. A license is a must for every tradie to work, advertise, and give clients guarantees legally. You can quickly check whether someone is a license holder. Tradesmen are obliged to provide the license number to anyone who asks for it. This information is also available in the trade register, where you can check any electrician you want to hire.

The license requires tradesmen to be insured, thus protecting both themselves and their clients. Every license holder should carry bonding and liability insurance. Having this policy means that you, as a client, are protected from legal issues in case of an accident at work. Working with unlicensed electrician brings a risk of lawsuits. Plus, all trial expenses would be up to you.

Do Background CheckDo Background Check

Besides the license, another thing to pay attention to is proof of expertise. As a licensee, an electrician has the necessary qualification to work with electricity. But, if you need a tradie for a specialized project, it is advisable to look for those with narrower expertise. Make sure the electrician has the skills and experience to perform a specific job.

When you hire a tradie for the first time, you are not familiar with their work, style, and attitude towards work and clients. You must believe what you read or hear from others. But don’t trust any information blindly, until you see for yourself.

Unbiased Reviews Are Important

Today, all the information is available to you in just a few clicks. Everything you want to know can be found on the Internet. An online search can help you in finding anything about a particular electrician or company. Reviews and references still mean something so make sure to look for them.

Reputation is what speaks most about tradesmen. It takes years for an electrician to earn respect among the clients. Unbiased reviews can tell you a lot about their reputation. Some clients praise the diligence and professionalism of a particular electrician. These features are something anyone would want from a tradie.

On the other hand, some people could complain about sloppy work or poor communication. But don’t neglect someone‚Äôs professionalism just because a single person had a dispute with them. Still, if most clients complain about cooperation, move on with your search. You should avoid tradesmen who are tough to work with.


A list of previous clients is something that an electrician or company must give you insight into. Of course, you will only ask for this if you need an electrician’s service due to a more complicated or extensive work. If the project is specific, be sure to ask if the individual or team has experience with similar jobs. A background check will rest you assured that you will not entrust the job to amateurs.

Seek recommendations, both in-person and online. Someone from family or friends who has recently used the services of an electrician can give you sound advice on finding a reliable tradie. If they were happy with the work provided, there’s a high chance that you’d be pleased too.

If you look for an electrician in a small town, it is best to rely on word-of-mouth. But in larger cities, you can look for reliable tradies online, on specialized forums and blogs, and even on social networks. Keep in mind that some of these references may be sponsored.

Compare Charges

You should do the previous research in parallel for several electricians or companies. After gathering all information, the last thing you should do is to get in touch with a tradie or electrical company and get some answers and quotes. That will help you compare rates and find the best deal.

The lowest price is not a guarantee of quality, nor is the highest. Always make sure that the rate is justified by the experience, expertise, and good reputation. Also, be aware that some other things, such as location and type of service, can affect the final price.

Be sure to check availability as well. An affordable price means nothing if the electrician is busy when you need them. In case of emergency, you will pay more for their service. You should do that and solve the problem as soon as possible rather than wait for a tradie with a better rate to be available for work.

Poorly done repairs, low-quality wires, or any problem on the electrical network can cause accidents that can burn your property down. That is a risk no one wants to take. So, avoid DIY electrical repairs, no matter how much trade skills you have. Although failures often occur at inconvenient times, it is always a better option to seek professional help.

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