A greenhouse is a great way to provide a warm environment for plants to grow regardless of the season, but there are lots of ways that you can have a some fun setting one up to get more out of it. And if you live in a smaller home, it’s a nice way to enhance your property.

The first thing to consider is that you don’t have to keep it to flowers. Many people use greenhouses to grow their own fruits and vegetables, which means you can turn this space into a sort of all-natural outdoor pantry beside your home. Here’s a list of popular fruits and vegetables to grow in a greenhouse. From leafy greens to peppers to your own strawberries and grapes, there are a lot of fun options that can provide crops you can be proud of.

Once you get an idea of what you might enjoy planting, you might want to think about the specific type of greenhouse you want to have in your yard. As this site shows, greenhouses actually come in more dimensions and styles than you might think. There are some simpler, almost closet-like options that are good for simple gardens while there are also some larger, walk-in greenhouses that you can set up next to your home.

Look through this gallery of greenhouses and you’ll see that there are all kinds of spectacular ways for to organize yours. Some look like bright outdoor lounges where one might spend a sunny afternoon while others like office spaces or studies, where one could read a book or get a little bit of work done. Maybe best of all is the idea of setting yours up as an outdoor dining room. Images like these can get you thinking about how to take advantage of the space offered in a walk-in greenhouse, with plants making up the perimeter, or even climbing the walls and hanging from the ceilings.

The idea making your greenhouse in a meeting space has even been taken to extremes in some cases. One article discusses the idea of hosting weddings and other major events in greenhouses, given that they’re fairly easy to decorate. There’s plenty of space to hang things, they’re naturally well lit, and you won’t have to do too much rearranging. You’ll just need to bring the furniture and the guests. Of course, hosting any sort of crowded event requires a pretty large greenhouse, but even a dinner with close friends is a unique experience .

These are just a few ideas of things you can do with a greenhouse of your own. Whether you’re looking for a garden or an extra room to relax with friends outside, a greenhouse could be just the thing you’re been searching for.

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