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Extending your home can make a big difference to your quality of life. It can provide more room for a growing family or give you space to explore your interests and hobbies. It can also be a significant cause of disruption in the home and needs to be managed carefully to prevent significant difficulties.

You should balance the potential disruption with the benefit you will gain. Here are some of the best ways to minimize the disruption while getting the most out of your renovation.

Consider Temporary Accommodation

Moving out temporarily while building works are done can minimize the effect it has on your life. Put together a bag of essentials, including casual and work clothes, toiletries and items you use regularly. Look into the cost of hotels or consider an Airbnb.

Make It Green

Make your home greener while carrying out renovations. This could include better insulation or installing solar panels. Green living can save you money on your energy bills over time.

Hire An Architect

When changing the structure of a building, you should consult a professional architect. Have them draw up plans for the changes and follow their instructions.

Understand Building Regulations

Research the building regulations in your state. Ensure that you comply with all conditions to remove the costly possibility of redoing work to the correct standard.

Select The Right Funding

Decide how you will fund your renovations. You could use credit cards or take out a loan. There is also the option to refinance your home to free up funds. Get advice from a professional service like The Home Loan Expert to find out about your refinancing options.

Get Insurance

Find out what kind of insurance you need for your renovations. Disaster insurance and insurance that covers any unexpected damage to the home are crucial. You could also get insurance that limits your liability for any work accidents that occur. Talk to multiple insurance agencies to get the best price.

Put Things In Storage

Minimize the impact on your belongings by putting them in storage. If you own valuable items, prioritize these. Find a storage facility with excellent security if storing valuables.

Talk To Your Neighbors

Discuss the changes with your neighbors. Be open to consider any issues they may have, such as the extension impacting their light or the noise of the work. Ensure that work is done during acceptable hours, with no early morning or late evening noise.

Choose The Right Tradespeople

Research local tradespeople to find the best service. Ask for quotes from multiple tradespeople to get an idea of the cost. Use online reviews to inform your decision. Ask friends and family for first-hand recommendations. Do some of the work yourself to save on costs, but never undertake any work you are unqualified for.

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