If you are embarking on a home construction project, whether you are building it entirely yourself or alongside workers, there are practical facilities that you need to have to be able to work and follow the law. When beginning home construction, necessities such as toilets and water can be forgotten until the work has already started. To ensure you have everything you need to look after yourself and your workers whilst building your dream home, check out the list below.

Drinking Water

Building and designing a new home is thirsty work and having clean drinking water available on site is a necessity. Especially if you are building in the summer, water needs to be provided through a fountain or communal taps. Staying hydrated while working in the heat is extremely important to stay safe and not suffer from sun stroke. This will also save you from running to the shop for cold bottled water every few hours. Whoever is building the home, workers or yourself, providing water should be top of your list.


A toilet is very important to have on site when building your new home. There are many portable and luxury restrooms that can be hired depending on your budget. On Site Companies provide many portable restrooms for all housing construction needs, with hand wash stations in each. Having toilets on hand makes it easier and more hygienic for all workers involved in your home improvement projects.

Service Connections

Although you may not need facilities such as telephone and gas until further on in your home renovation, electricity may be needed for many power tools to work. If you are working on a street where all these amenities are available, check with the suppliers so you can get a quote to understand your budget better. The further you are from these facilities, the more it may cost to gain access to these.

A Skip

It is easiest to hire a skip when you are constructing a home to get rid of unwanted materials quicker and easier. These can be collected as and when needed and can help ensure you keep your new build as clean as possible. Be sure to shop around for skip hire near you to see who can do you the best deal. If you want to be eco-friendly, here are ten things you can recycle whilst constructing your new home.

Storage Facilities

If you are going to have constriction workers including plumbers, builders and scaffolders on the site, you need to have appropriate storage facilities to abide by the law. This is due to workers needing to change and having somewhere safe to store their personal belongings. You can hire many temporary buildings depending on the cost and size of your workspace.

There are many things you need to consider before building your new home to allow everything to go smoothly and have all the facilities you need on site. If you are unsure of what you should be providing for workers, check online or on your local government website.

Featured Image Source: Flickr