The soil around your home plays a big part in protecting your foundation. If you can plan your landscaping when you build the house, you have a good chance of preventing some major foundation problems. If you purchase a home with plants already in place, you can change a few things to keep the foundation healthy. You can take good care of your soil and make sure water drains properly. Tree roots can cause many problems with the foundation, as well. Learn how to plan your landscaping to keep your home in excellent condition.

Know Your Soil

When soil moves or settles, your foundation can shift. Different plants and weather conditions can affect your soil. Extreme wet or dry conditions can cause problems with your foundation. Plants may a yard look inviting and cozy, however, the wrong plants can wreak havoc on your foundation. Research the best plants to use in your area. A landscaping professional can help you choose the right ones to protect your foundation and teach you how to care for them.


Trees must remain about 15- 20 feet away from your residence. Larger trees may need to stay further away. As trees grow, the roots may move closer to your home, causing your foundation to shift. If you have a harsh drought or rainy season, the problem may become worse. In severe cases, tree roots can cause your floors to crack or warp. Cracks in your foundation leave the home vulnerable to the outside elements, as well.


You can learn to maintain your yard in a way that supports your foundation. Find out how much water your plants need daily. When your soil stays healthy, your foundation does too. Many people use sprinkler systems set on timers to deliver the right amount of water each day. You can adjust this timing to fit the current climate. Keep your plants pruned properly, as well. If you notice cracks in cement outside or in your home, call an Alabama foundation repair service immediately.


Water needs to drain away from your home. Most yards slope away from the home to move water in the right direction. You can also have your gutters cleaned regularly to avoid excess water spillage close to your home. You can also redirect spouts to push water further away from the house. Standing water may indicate a problem with the grading or foundation. Call for assistance if standing water persists.

Your yard can remain beautiful while also protecting your foundation. Professional landscapers can help you determine the best plants for your soil and climate. You can also learn to maintain your plants and soil. Foundations naturally shift over time, however, you can prevent major damage by watering and draining your yard well. Timely inspections and repairs also prevent damage from becoming severe. Check the distance of your trees and choose the appropriate plants to keep your foundation in the best condition. If your home already has damage from improper landscaping, work with a foundation specialist to remedy the problem.

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