Think you have what it takes to “live tiny?”

Although the tiny house movement is most certainly taking over the nation, the fact remains that the public at large doesn’t understand what really comes with the territory of tiny living. This rings true whether you’re looking to live in an actual tiny home or simply settling in a smaller space (think: an apartment sitting around 500 square feet).

Thankfully, living tiny doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the comforts of a traditional home. That being said, there are many investments you should make within your space to ensure your long-term comfort instead of makes needless compromises. When living tiny, the seemingly smallest items and inconveniences can make all the difference in regard to your ability to settle in your space.

So, what are some of the essentials that you need to keep in mind if you plan on making the transition into a tiny space?

Make The Most of Your Shade

Installing blinds over your windows a feature of your home that’s easy to overlook; however, it’s crucial to both your comfort and keeping your energy bill down. After all, sometimes it pays to let natural light in for the sake of your mood and allowing your light bulbs a chance to take a break. On the flip side, blinds can block out unnecessary light and heat that may otherwise cause you to run your air condition more often.

Smarter Shelving

The less square footage you have, the more you need to consider making the most of the space on your wall. Shelving units are an absolute must and thankfully can be purchased on the cheap from big box stores such as Ikea. From small shelving units sprinkled throughout your home to longer units covering an entire wall (think: above the loft of your bed), don’t be afraid to experiment with your shelving solutions.

Hidden Storage

On a similar note, you need to double-dip as much of your storage space with your décor as possible. Beyond shelving, other storage options include…

Fold-away doors and “hidden” closets
Storage beneath your stairs (granted your tiny home is two stories)
Decorative boxes and ottomans which double as storage space

Remember: every inch counts if you want to maximize your space and hidden storage is the best way to make it happen.

Deal with Kitchen Clutter

Perhaps the most important place in your home to deal with clutter is within the kitchen. After all, there are tons of appliances you may want to take with you; however, you realistically can’t fit them all, can you? Likewise, you’ll probably need to cut down on how many pots and pans you have, taking a more minimalist approach to your cookware.

Try to hang most of your kitchenware and utilize multipurpose appliances which can keep your kitchen compact. For example, a mini toaster oven and a hotplate can go a long way.

Think Twice About Your TV

It’s rather common in traditional homes for televisions to represent the central “hub” of any given living room. In the case of a tiny house, however, you may want to think twice about whether you really need your television to take up an entire wall.

While you don’t necessarily need to cut the cord with entertainment, you may want to consider a smaller model or using your computer to enjoy your favorite streaming services. Doing so will ultimately allow you way more freedom when it comes time to decorate.

Living tiny doesn’t mean sacrificing your comfort. Instead, take the steps toward smarter décor and storage to ensure that you’re making the most of your space.


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