A garbage disposal is an important appliance in our kitchen. It is usually mounted below the kitchen sink and it works as the collector of food waste through its grinding chamber. It has an impeller plate, or spinning disc that turns rapidly to push food waste towards its outer wall of the chamber. It then crushes the solid food into tiny bits, then washed by water through small holes on the chamber wall.

We sometimes take our garbage disposals. This appliance can make our post-meal cleanup much easier, and as a homeowner, we should know how to properly use it and avoid the following mistakes to prolong its life.

1-) No Proper Sequencing

It’s important that you know how to properly use your garbage disposal, as it requires a proper sequencing of activities for it to fully function. To start using the garbage disposal, make sure to run it with cool water, then turn it on as you put the solid food in gently. You should remember to never dump large amounts of food all at once. Let the machine run until all the food is pulverized, then flush all the food debris with water for 10 to 15 seconds after turning the garbage disposal off.

2-) Improper Cleaning

If you’re not cleaning your garbage disposal properly, it may result in a foul odor. It can be irritating to smell rotten foods inside your home, and it can also be dangerous to your health. Cleaning your appliance with bleach or harsh drain cleaners may harm it. Instead, use baking soda and fresh lemon to help eliminate the smell. You may also grind some ice cubes that can help remove tiny bits of food stuck inside.

3-) Hot Water for Flushing

Pouring hot water during food waste grinding is the worst idea that you can do when using the garbage disposal. It is better to use cold water to push fats, oils, and grease along the waste pipes rather than melting them with hot water. It would eventually clog your pipes once it cools down.

4-) Non-Food Items

Some people may dump waste such as cigarette butts, wooden matches, plastic twist ties, or rubber bands into the drain. These items can severely damage your garbage disposal. There are people who would seek professional help for proper disposal of garbage. Every homeowner should remember that garbage disposals are for food wastes only.

5-) Forgetting to Reset the Garbage Disposal

There will be times that your garbage disposal will malfunction. You should turn off your appliance first and then press the reset button, which you can find at below the unit. The reset button reestablishes the power, which also acts as a circuit breaker. Garbage disposal manufacturers also include a jam key which you can use to clear stuck debris. You may also call a technician if you can’t fix the problem.

6-) Improper Installation

Garbage disposals are easy to install but it does require some plumbing works and electrical wiring. There are homeowners who can easily do the installation, and there are others who would need professional help. It is best that you seek a technician’s expertise, especially with electrical works, to prevent damage to the garbage disposal.

7-)  Incorrect Garbage Disposal Removal

If you are going to repair or replace your kitchen sink, it is necessary to remove your garbage disposal first. As mentioned above, installing the unit can be an easy task, and so does removing it. When disposing them off, it is best to do it in a proper dumpster. Dumpster rentals like Haul it a Day is a great option so you don’t have to worry about disposal.

  • Final Thoughts

Many people depend on garbage disposals as the workhorse of the kitchen. Keeping them in good shape and avoiding these mistakes will be the best way to ensure their longevity.

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