It is not very rare that we sometimes get bloodstains on our clothes. Especially for children because of their energetic and sporty activities. When the blood dries, the stains become pretty much permanent and cannot be removed by casual laundry methods. Also, the use of hot water over the stain will make it permanent. In fact, it is a huge headache to remove those stains. However, by using some hacks and tricks, these stains can be easily removed. Here, I will explain how to get blood out of clothes?

Materials you would need to remove blood stains:

  • Chilled water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Kitchen detergent
  • Basin


The whole procedure to remove blood stains from clothes is described below. Following it will lead to your required result.

Remove as much as you can:

The first step is to remove the stain as much as you can by using a towel or with the help of a hand. In this step, you should dab the stain. By dabbing, the fresh upper layer of blood which is not settled down yet will be removed easily. Make sure not to rub the stain. It will make the process much difficult because the stain may spread on the cloth and may get into the deeper layers of cloth.

Soak the cloth:

As we know that hot water will make the stain permanent so, avoid using it. Chilled water is perfect to moist the stain. In this way, it will become easy to remove it. So, fill your basin in your bowl with cold water and add a kitchen detergent as much as needed. Some detergents are specially made to remove such kinds of stains. If you have access to those detergents, use them instead of normal kitchen detergents. Also, you should be careful regarding the type of cloth. You may damage a delicate cloth by rubbing it vigorously. Soak the cloth in the detergent water for at least 5 hours. However, completely settled stains may take more time.

Blot the cloth:

Blotting is the process of the addition of hydrogen peroxide in the detergent water. Hydrogen peroxide is a type of bleach and is very beneficial in removing stains from clothes. Add 3% hydrogen peroxide to the detergent mix. There will be a fuzzing at the start. Now, remove the chemicals from the cloth completely by washing it with pure water.

Rinse the cloth:

Now, you would have to rinse the cloth completely. After the rinsing process, you would come to know to what extent the stain has been removed. Here, you should keep in mind that drying the cloth by using heat will also make it difficult to remove the bloodstain. So, leave the cloth for some hours.


The normal stains which have not settled completely are removed by this process easier, but some stains which become slightly permanent would require you to repeat the process several times. Keep in mind that if the cloth is delicate, you should not overdo the process.

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