My husband, the scary leafy man!
My husband, the scary leafy man!

This year is our first year back in an apartment and we’re not expecting any trick-or-treaters at our door, so instead we’re going to go scare some of our friend’s neighborhood kids! It’s all in good fun, but from the costume above you can see why some little ones might be a bit frightened. My husband is itching to get his scare on and he’s excited that we have a friend who’ll let him be scary for the evening. However, our friend hands out full-sized candy bars and lastΒ  year they had 120 trick-or-treaters. That’s a lot of kids and my guess is they come in streams with barely any downtime. Mr. LH will have trouble scaring the kids if there’s barely a break between groups. The allure of the unexpected will be blown.

I’m looking forward to seeing so many children dressed up, as our last Halloween at our rental house was sort of bleak; we barely had 25 kids show up. The nice part about setting up camp at our friend’s house is it’s FREE for us. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy Halloween and we don’t have to shell out money for the treats. Of course, as good friends we’re preparing an early dinner for them as our “thank you” for letting us enjoy Halloween on someone else’s porch.

Enjoy your Halloween and don’t forget to make sure you carry a light of some sort and only visit homes with their porch lights on.

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  1. Hunter @ Financially Consumed Reply

    That’s a scary costume your husband is wearing. 90% chance of rain here for the trick or treaters. We might be left with a LOT of candy.

    • @Hunter – Our friends had over 120 trick or treaters and ran out of candy. My husband’s costume was a hit, but he had competition. The neighbor’s had a haunted house that was actually scary!

  2. I’d like to ask you a few questions about your tuffshed house blog… but I can’t find your email. Can you please email me with some way to contact you?

  3. My wife misses the little kids coming to the door. We live in a gated community where there are no trick or treaters.

    • @Krantcents – That’s one of the reasons why we ended up hanging out at a friends house – they go over 120 kids! It was really just good ‘ol fashioned fun.

  4. retirebyforty Reply

    Holy crap! There will be a lot crying little kids tonight!
    We are in a high rise and are not expecting any trick or treaters. πŸ™

    • @Retire by 40 – I missed some of the screams since I was trick-or-treating with my friend’s kids and pushing the stroller. But, we were across the street when Mr. LH surprised a huge group of kids and made them scream bloody murder. It was hilarious!

  5. Untemplater Reply

    omg I love his costume lol!! I hope the evening turned out well for you guys. 120 is a huge amount of kids so I hope he got in a few scare surprises without any crying by the little ones. πŸ™‚ -Sydney

    • @Untemplar -There were plenty of screams and not much crying so it turned out to be a great night. It probably helped that the neighbor had a fairly scary haunted house to prime the kids before hand. πŸ˜‰

  6. MoneyforCollegePro Reply

    Yeah so we had literally ZERO kids come by our house last night, and now we have a huge bag of candy left.

    Also, I would run the other direction if I saw your husband. I know the kiddos were terrified!

    • @Money for College Pro – Our friends had over 120 kids and ran out of candy. And the kids loved my husband’s costume. When I was returning to the house with my friend’s kids, some young trick-or-treaters who had just been scared by Mr. LH said, “That was scary but fun!” They had a blast. Who doesn’t like being scared for fun on Halloween!?

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