Two weeks back, in Sydney, I bought my beloved house where I am living now with my family. It’s a lovely small house with all the essential features of a well facilitated house. Lots of Courtesy to cheap conveyancing Sydney, I got it transferred to my name, smoothly fulfilling all the legal requirements.

Unfortunately, the area around is not densely populated and this fact alarmed me a lot regarding the security of my house and family. Then a close friend of mine gave me a cue about some android apps for home security.

I made a good research myself and installed i-Security camera apps for Android in my smart phone. My house and family have got fully secured. Now I want to share my research so that others may also get benefited from it. Here, I go with what I found about various apps.



This is one of the best home security camera apps for Android, for it facilitates its users to watch live streaming using different cameras through a surveillance system. I can also see live streaming using my camera via 4G/3G internet or WiFi.

The salient features of this Android application are:

  • The physical control and the possibility of this application to be set up in multiple servers.
  • Besides, I can turn my home computer into a surveillance camera.
  • I can snap photos direct from the video stream.



This is also a really good security camera app with effective equipment and capable of sending an audio back through online. You can also watch live streaming via internet using any device and from any location.

The features of this Android application are:

  • It is a lot easy to connect this home security application for your Android phone with a camera.
  • Besides, it is also possible for you to save and recover the cloud storage using this top Android app for home security.
  • The strength of its durable working can be judged by the fact that it remains workable even if its surveillance tapes get broken by some mishap.



This is comparatively an easy-to-use Android camera app for home security, for you don’t have to undergo lengthy signups and logins because of the interface. Its stunning colour scheme will surely impress you a lot.

Followings are the key features.

  • This app will turn your smart phone into a security handy camera and, hence, will enable you to deliver a simple command.
  • The characteristic features of this app are a smooth interface and an amazing design.



This is undoubtedly one of the best security camera applications for your home security, working with its IP cameras with zero configuration- plug and play. Owing to this app, you can easily view the live videos of your cameras anywhere anytime. Being used by more than 2.5 million people, this app can be approached from its official website or from direct from the Google Play.

Prominent features of this app include:

  • Super HD with 4 or 5 megapixels
  • Excellent night vision ranging up to 190 ft
  • Easy to use with zero configuration
  • Very much user friendly interface
  • Trigger alerts regarding motion-detection
  • Both remote and local access

In this way, the above mentioned security apps are sure to keep your house safe and sound like one of these has made mine.

Featured Image Source: Pxhere

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