I came across this infographic (click the image to view it in it’s entirety) while finishing up my Financial Newlywed Bliss E-book (it’s getting real close to being completed!) and thought this was a great way to get the ball rolling. Holy moly – I used way too many parentheses in one sentence! But, the point of this is that too many couples enter into marriage without ever discussing MONEY. Part of this is due to the lack of education – seriously, how many high schools offer a course in personal finance? Not many.

The other half of this equation is that the topic of money and finances is seen as an inappropriate conversation piece. I’d almost relate this to our culture’s taboo towards sex, but it’s not quite that secretive or frowned upon when the topic is brought up. Yet, you mention how much you make, save, or spend and people begin shifting uncomfortably or looking down or to the side. I think it’s ironic that as laid back as our culture has become with certain things, like the way profanity is used prolifically in the media, it’s still considered “bad manners” to discuss personal finances. I think it’s time to change that and just let it all hang out! Yes, that’s right, get it all out there in the open and air your dirty laundry.

So, here’s my confession for the week:

I ate out three times this week when I shouldn’t have!

Of course there are extenuating circumstances (but aren’t there always?) that lead me to eating out so many times, but that’s no excuse. I should have planned the week better!

Next week I’ll be camping, so “eating out” takes on a whole other definition.

CreditData.com infographic
CreditData.com infographic

Did you or do you talk about finances regularly with your spouse or significant other? Any confessions this week?

P.S. Any bloggers out there that would like to review and critique an e-book before I “publish” it?


  1. Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter Reply

    My significant other doesnt know how much my trip will be costing me, but we have a separate finances so that’s ok. It’s mainly because I don’t know how much my trip will cost! I’ll have to tell him after I get back. I also ate out a lot this week so far..

    • @Daisy – Uh oh. I guess if you’ve budgeted for it, somewhat, and it’s not dipping into regular expenses, it should go over smoothly. Good luck!

  2. The missus doesn’t pay that much attention to our finance. I make her read our monthly cash flow recap though so at least she knows that much. It will be hard on her if I’m not around anymore.

    • @MidLife – I’m the one who handles most of the finances. Similar issue – if I wasn’t around, I’m not so sure Mr. LH would know what to do!

  3. My wife also isn’t too involved in our finances, but she is frugal so that’s a blessing. I like to have a quick discussion once a month for 5 minutes or less on our current financial condition and progress on short and long term goals. With mint this is easy!

    • @Chuck – It’s great you and your wife have discussions every month. Tracking expenses and income using a tool like Mint helps!

  4. I would recommend having the “finance talk” before the nuptials. Go in with a good understanding of where you stand and where you want to go as a couple. Surprises after the “I do’s” just adds to the already whirl wind of getting married.

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