I never thought this would happen, but while I was explaining to my brother what type of home I was purchasing, “manufactured house” came out of my mouth. It’s true, I’m in the process of buying a manufactured home in a mobile home community. When one thinks of a mobile home community, silver-haired folk come to mind. Yet, rest assured the community is an “all ages” community with a mix of older adults and younger families.

The community is a beautiful community nestled against the foothills of a mountain. It’s not too far from where I work and close enough to everything we’d like to access: restaurants, bike paths, shopping, etc. You can read more about my decision here if you’re interested.

So, where are we in this process? The waiting phase. We turned in all of our paperwork over a week ago and are waiting on approval, a rate, and terms of the loan. That’s step one. However, the initial contact person assured us we were “golden” and wanted us to start thinking about a floor plan and “must haves.” I have to admit that I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to receive the call and email saying we’re approved!

In all of our excitement (even though we haven’t officially been “approved”), we’ve started figuring out a floor plan, color scheme, and “must haves,” which is the fun part of this process. We picked a floor plan from the manufacturer’s website and began to edit it to our liking. We were told the plans were editable in so much as it fits within our budget. We also have a Pinterest board with color schemes, indoor flooring options, and deck ideas to show the designer.

Obviously, the next step is to figure out if all our ideas are within our budget or how we can modify those ideas to meet the budget. Hopefully by next weekend we will be meeting with the designer and be on our way! I’ll also have an update on our status and the steps to approval and building a manufactured home.

UPDATE: We heard from the lender and we were approved! I’ll be posting soon on the details. We are now just waiting for park approval.


  1. Money Beagle Reply

    Congrats. Sounds like you’re having fun with the process. Enjoy it.

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