There’s definitely a growing movement and interest in tiny houses over the past few years. With stories that pop up on news sites like NBC and shows that feature tiny house builders, there’s a segment of the population that’s following this trend. Yet many people wonder if living in a tiny house is actually possible, especially if the inhabitants are more than just one dude or gal. The square footage on most tiny houses doesn’t exceed 250 square feet, which isn’t much larger than a traditional bedroom and bathroom combined.

I’ve wondered this myself. Sure, I’ve visited friends that live in small mobile homes, but even those were larger than 250 square feet. I’ve camped in a small cabin that wasn’t much larger than 250 square feet that felt spacious, but actually living in one is another story.

I recently came across a story on that discusses the pros and cons of living in such a small space from a personal experience. And, mind you, this woman is living in a tiny house with a baby and a Great Dane! Her perspective allows an outsider to peek into what it might be like to live in a tiny space.

All in all, Macy Miller (the owner and builder of her tiny house) has tons of positive things to say about her beautiful tiny house. Since she designed her house, it fits her needs. A quick overview of her post which you can read here:

  • She built her house on a trailer to get around permits.
  • Installed a composting toilet which she loves. No smell and no splashing water.
  • Did not use built-in furniture  – this allows her to swap out items as needed. And remember that dog I mentioned? This is a good thing because he’s chewed up a couple of chairs that needed replacing.
  • She lives in an area of the country that sees all four seasons. Insulation is important if winters drop below zero.
  • She built her tiny house for just a little over $11,000.

Based on her point of view, the bottom line is designing a tiny home to fit your needs. I’m not quite ready to live in such a small space, but knowing what’s important to me in a house would shape the choices I make (like a larger kitchen and living area and smaller bedroom space with a HUGE patio.)

Could you live in a tiny house?


  1. Since I’ll be moving aboard a small sailboat next year, I certainly hope I can live in a tiny house.

    But I think weather has a big effect on the livability of a small space. 250 sf might be oppressive for two people in the the long update NY winters where I live now. But if you’re in a warm climate, you can take advantage of outdoor living spaces (like the patio you mentioned) and make the small space feel much more comfortable.

    • @Pamela – I agree. Long, harsh winters in such a small space would be difficult. But the great outdoors has lots to offer if you live in the right climate. Good luck on your sailboat move next year! 🙂

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