A garden is something that adds beauty and joy to a home. It adds to the curb appeal, helping to make it look cared for, well-maintained, and even unique, but it also provides homeowners with their own private slice of nature and relaxation that they can enjoy whenever they like. With that said, a beautiful and healthy garden doesn’t just happen by chance. There is plenty of effort required on your part, and some basic steps that will help it to maintain that beauty.

So, if your garden has been looking a little rough as of late, and not exactly that peaceful and lovely slice of nature that you had envisioned, here are six tips that will help you to get it in tip-top shape and keep it that way.

Give Your Garden the Basics – Sunlight and WaterSunlight and Water

Plants aren’t that confusing when you get down to the basics of it. They need two main things to thrive – the right sunlight conditions and the proper amount of water. The key is to get those levels just right based on the plant itself, your soil type, what direction the garden faces (how much sun it’s getting), the amount of rain you get, and the outdoor air temperature.

As you can well imagine, getting all those things worked out can take a little time, trial and error, but once you figure out the proper balance, your garden will start to thrive.

Cut Back Overgrown Plants and Bushes

Another tip is to take a look at your perennials and make sure you cut back any that seem to be overgrown and encroaching on other plants or past the garden perimeter. Not only does this give the garden an unkempt look, but it can starve off neighbouring plants of the sun, water, and nutrients they need to thrive.

At the same time if there is any damaged limbs on your perennials, it’s wise to clip them as soon as possible, so they don’t continue to draw nutrients away from the healthy portions of the plant.

Examine Your Garden for Signs of Insect Damage

Insects can do a real number on your garden and take it from lush and healthy to completely picked over and ravaged in a very short time. You want to be sure you regularly inspect the garden and quickly take the steps necessary to deal with insects if they appear. Make sure to call up your local pest control service to make sure damage doesn’t happen again.

Use Fertilizer to Give Plants a Boost of NutrientsFertilizer to Give Plants

Even if you’re providing ample sunlight and water to your plants, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are getting the nutrients they need. Apply the right kind of fertiliser for the plant and it will allow it to grow healthy roots and help protect the plants from stressful conditions, such as extreme heat or drought.

Weed the Garden on a Regular Basis

It’s amazing how easily and quickly weeds can take over a beautiful garden. Not only do they look unsightly but weeds can take away all those nutrients your plants need and take over the entire space. Weeding on a regular basis is a good way to stay ahead of the problem, so it can’t get out of hand.

When pulling weeds, it’s important that you remove the source, which means getting the full root of the weed when pulling it out.

Hire a Gardener to Look After Regular Maintenance

While it would be lovely to have the time available to devote to your garden, keeping it healthy, lush, and well-maintained, the fact is that not everyone has that amount of free time. That doesn’t mean your garden has to suffer and become overgrown and uncared for.

Instead, a good option is to look at hiring a local gardener that can come in and take care of the regular maintenance. That can take the responsibility off your shoulders completely, or at least lessen the load, all while being able to enjoy a lovely and picturesque garden each time you relax outdoors.

As for finding a local gardener, the LinkU website can do just that. By using the site, you’ll be able to connect with some of the most experienced gardeners available that are local to you. The site is dedicated to helping people find local experts, not just gardeners but all types of experts, providing you with the services you’re in need of. The way it works is that you post a job, explain what you’re looking for, when you need it done, the price you want to pay, and then LinkU will find options.

A Lovely Garden That You Can EnJOY

By following these basic and simple steps, you’ll be able to maintain a lovely garden that you can enjoy for many years to come. This will add a real sense of beauty to your exterior.

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