One of the well known challenges of loving and living in a ‘tiny house’ is finding ways to open up the spaces you do have. There is quite a knack to make the areas you, your friends and family get together in feel larger than they actually are. Some of the better known tricks to achieving this are: having a keen eye for the placement of furniture and rugs, not having too many pieces of furniture in a room and keeping the clutter to a minimum on the surfaces of tables and benches. The use of natural light during the day time can also add a feeling of spaciousness, just for the very fact that all the space is visible as you look around a room. This draws the eye to the outer reaches of the room and to windows which take you ‘outside’.

But what about at night time when you can’t see much outside? Unless you have very bright lighting throughout, some of those dark little corners seem to encroach on the precious space you do have, significantly impacting on the feel of your already economically sized living room. Night time naturally calls for softer lighting, creating a calming, gentle atmosphere. So, a few strategically placed lamps and candles can work brilliantly to combine practicality with ambience. You can illuminate the furthest corner of the room while at the same time add interest and character with the design and colours you choose.

One little gem we discovered is the beautiful Salt Lamp. Salt Lamps are a wonderful way to create a subtle glow in your room and there a surprising variety to choose from. Traditionally they were available only in rosy pinks and oranges, but now you can match them to your colour scheme with a wonderful array of colours including, blue, purple, teal, yellow, white and green. As well as being spoilt for choice in colours, there is a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most popular is the ‘chunk’ shape, with the appeal of a natural rock shape; and others include pyramid, round, rectangular and my favourite, the lovely heart shaped lamp. Salt Lamps not only look gorgeous, they are purported to also have some very useful health benefits and many buy them for this reason alone.

And you can compliment your Salt Lamp with some beautiful Salt Lamp candle holders. These will provide a lovely glow with a natural flame to warm even the coldest of nights. These delightful candle holders can be used with tea light candles which will fit into even the tiniest of rooms. So why not spoil yourself and use several to create a gentle, luxurious atmosphere with all those wonderful added health benefits? Salt Lamps and Salt Lamp candle holders are the perfect finishing touch to any sized room!

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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