Making the Most of Online Deals

While most consumers around the country are reigning in their spending, local businesses are trying to find new and exciting ways to attract patrons. New websites are springing up across the web designed to help individuals save money while guaranteeing businesses a set amount of customers. This phenomenon gives businesses exposure while offering up 50-90% discounts for local customers. To make this happen, the websites require a set amount of people to commit to purchasing the discounted deal of the day. Once enough people ‘buy’ this deal, the deal activates and everyone is emailed the coupon of the day. When the coupon is mailed, the individual’s credit card is charged for the set amount. If not enough people choose to buy the deal of the day the deal doesn’t activate. If the deal doesn’t activate, nobody is charged. Individuals can also sign up to have the daily deal sent to them via email so that they never miss out.

Here’s a list of nine websites that offer daily deals. Check them out and sign up for a few. This is a perfect way of utilizing the city you live in for cheap.

Fresh Guide: This website provides coupons that have a strong emphasis on a healthy and active lifestyle. Most coupons save customers over 50-90% at local restaurants, boutiques, spas, and more. Customers must subscribe to view the deal of the day.

Groupon: This website is probably the most well known of the bulk coupon websites. Each daily coupon provides a description of the restaurant, shop, spa, or company in your area that is offering a coupon, as well as reviews from fellow Groupon members. The site also will tell the customer how much time is left to buy the coupon, and how much the customer is saving by purchasing a coupon. Specific Groupon coupons can be purchased as gifts, or a member can choose to buy a Groupon gift card that can be used to purchase any Groupon coupon.

Living Social: This website is almost identical to Groupon, but it offers different deals at different prices which gives customers more ways to save. The site also offers an iPhone application so subscribers can receive deals on their phones. Facebook and Twitter users can also subscribe so that alerts appear on their accounts.

Mobba: This site offers daily deals as well as discounted prices on new products that customers can buy individually. Customers can also ‘name their price’ to see if sellers will accept their lower offer. The more customers who buy a product, the lower the product sells for. If you refer a friend you get a five-dollar gift card when they make their first purchase. Visitors can also follow deals on the website blog.

Steal The Deal: This site offers very similar bulk-coupons for customers with a focus on Canadian cities. Customers can share deals on Facebook and Twitter or opt to get the daily deal sent to their email.

Tippr: This website requires members to subscribe to their free newsletter in order to view new deals. Three new deals are emailed to members each day. The site has a 100% price guarantee and all of the products available have been purchased and tested by the company.

Town Hog: This site requires visitors to subscribe in order to view the daily deal. If a member invites a friend they get $10 back for the referral. The website just got a facelift, so navigating the site is easier than ever!

Woot: This website sells one item per day at a substantial discount. Electronics, toys, t-shirts, and everything in between is offered at this website, but for one day and one day only. The site also has a link to Deals Woot which is a page with a compiled list of various deals across the web.

Deals Go Round: This website is designed for those who buy deals and cannot use them. If you bought a deal and can’t use it or no longer want it you can advertise the deal on this website so others can buy it. The website is organized by city, so subscribers can search for local deals or post an advertisement for their unwanted deals.



  1. @Jennifer Barry – Thanks for this information. I haven’t used a Groupon before, and still don’t quite understand what they are. It’s good to know that some vendors may not be able to fulfill their end of the bargain.

  2. @eemusings – It’s good to know that you were able to use one Groupon without any trouble. I’ve haven’t tried one myself so am curious as to how they usually pan out. Thanks for the info!

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