Your bedroom is a sanctuary, and you want to make sure it’s perfect from ceiling to floor. If you’re looking for tips on designing your master bedroom and creating your own piece of heaven, read on to find our best tips to get you sleeping like a baby – and a happy one at that!

Make Your Bed Irresistible

Having the perfect bed is the key to any bedroom, so it’s important to pay a lot of attention to getting it right. The heart of any bed is the mattress – you want to make sure you’re sleeping comfortably, and are supported enough to avoid those dreaded neck cramps. Everyone is different, so do your research into the different kinds of materials used to see which ones give you the most comfort. It’s also worth looking into different mattress sizes – whether you’re looking for a twin mattress to get the most floor space, or a California King to sleep in real luxury, there’s something out there for everyone.

bedroom mattress

You also want to think about the bed frame – this is also a really flexible option to personalize your room. You may want something simple without too much flash, or a full four poster – you can even opt for storage options within the headboards if you’re looking for a way to display things creatively. The choice is all yours!

Keep Things Coordinated

There isn’t anything more satisfying than having all the components of your room aligned and coordinated. The best way to do this is by selecting a particular color theme – we recommend something relaxed for a comforting feel, but you may like your walls to pop, so this choice is up to you! Once you’ve got a base color, adding more items of that color can help keep them all connected.

bedroom wall theme

If you want to pay even more attention to detail, you may want to opt for a theme. Whether you’re in love with flowers, adore vintage, or prefer a more modern or even geometric theme, centering your choice of furniture and design around this can help to coordinate your room further. These two little steps to keep things connected can really help make your room feel full and complete, and give it a satisfying, clean, tidy feel, rather than a messy, all over the place feel. Not only does it look nicer, but it’ll feel nicer after a long day to come back somewhere positive to relax in.

Plan the Lighting

There are two types of lighting you’ll want to consider when designing your master bedroom – natural lighting, and man made lighting. Often, a room can feel much lighter and fresher with more natural light, so it’s a good idea to try and optimize this if possible. If you have a large window, use it! Make it a large part of the room and decorate with stylish curtains or blinds, as well as face your furnishings towards the window to make the most of any natural light.

bedroom lighting

You also want to think about man-made lighting. Do you want one bright spotlight to keep your room looking clear, or several dimmer lamps for a cozier feel? This can be tricky to decide, but go with what feels best – we recommend layering lights, so you have a mix of different intensities. Keep things soft rather than harsh to make it relaxing, and add smaller lights for tasks that need a brighter light such as reading. We also recommend opting for lights with dimmers, so you can adjust them depending on your mood.

These are the first basic steps in designing your master bedroom – take your time with it and really make it your sanctuary!

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