A home with children is always a lively household, despite the mess they make and the stuff they leave behind all over the home.

* Ideas For Modern Kids Bedroom:

With a little bit of planning, these messes can be avoided and you can decorate a modern kids bedroom without any stress. Start with the children’s bedroom furniture because not only is it a room for your child to sleep in, it can also be used for education and entertainment.

Item #1. The Bed:

Bed Designs for kids bedroom
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Every child or teenager deserves a bed that is both practical and suits them. There are a number of different kids & teen room packages to consider when deciding on the ideal one.

  • Bunk Beds – These beds remind many people of their childhood and summer camps. If there are two or more children sharing a modest room, a bunk bed is often the best option. It automatically doubles the available floor space by stacking one bed on top of the other one. Even if only one child uses the room, but has a lot of sleepovers or cousins who visit often, these beds might still be ideal.
  • Kids Beds – Let’s be honest, who hasn’t at least once in their lifetime wanted a red car bed? This bed is among much other fun and exciting kids bed frames. There are also simpler styles for more modestly sized spaces. Either way, these are great for small children because of their size.
  • Twin Bed – Twin beds are common when it comes to children’s bedroom furniture. They’re higher up from the floor which makes them more difficult to use for very young children, but they have a longer lifespan. Children can grow into these beds and continue to use them through their teenage years.
  • Loft Bed – A loft bed is a good idea for a room with limited space. By having the bed on the floor, there is more room for play or even other furniture. For older children, you could put a desk underneath. This is a great way to make use of every area of the room.

Item #2. Lighting:

modern kids bedroom Lighting
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It might surprise some people, but a fair bit of thought should go into the lighting of a child’s bedroom. There are three key kinds of lighting fixtures which should be incorporated.

  • Overhead lighting – The main source of light within the room should be an overhead light with switch control. Relying on lamps to light the room will result in a lot of tripping hazards; any parent will tell you that this will be a problem. Kids get excited and like to run around, so it’s always a good idea to reduce the potential for injury as much as possible.
  • Bedside Lamp – Despite the overhead light being the main source, there should be one bedside lamp. This is useful when it comes to bedtime because it’s an easy way to dim the lights while still being able to read a bedtime story together.
  • Nightlight – A nightlight is a must for any child’s room. It creates a sense of security for those who have not yet overcome their fear of the dark, while also eliminating a safe path for nighttime bathroom trips.

Item #3. Toys:

  • Toy Chest – In many homes, the best space for the children to play in is within their own room. This also helps keep the rest of the home tidier than it would have been otherwise, while also placing responsibility on the children to clean up after themselves. Have a designated area, like shelves or a toy chest, to house all of the toys when they’re being put away.

Item #4. Books:

  • Books – As nice as it is to have toys to play with, books are also crucial to a child’s development and education. This is a great way to get some quiet time as well. Have at least one shelf dedicated to books that they can read either with a parent or on their own.

Item #5. Creative Space / Workspace:

  • Creative Space – Similarly to books, arts and crafts are beneficial to children’s development. It might be a good idea to get a desk for an older child, but even for younger children introduce arts materials. These can even be kept in a toy chest or bookshelf if space does not allow for a desk.
  • Giant Pillows – Creating a nest out of giant pillows it a wonderful experience for children. They can be used to create a comfortable place to take a nap or even to read some storybooks and offers entertainment and a comfortable place for bonding.

creative space

Item #6. Technology:

  • TV – Televisions in the children’s bedroom will be good for some quiet time and to fully create a space for children. If television is a concern, consider putting parental controls on the system to monitor the programming as well as the amount of time that they are able to spend watching TV.
  • Computer – For a studious child, a computer in the room will help them focus on their school work. They will be able to complete their homework in a quiet environment, free from the distractions of others. Our one piece of advice is to place parental controls on the computer, especially for younger children.

A child’s room can be so much more than just a place to sleep in. It can also be a place of entertainment and learning. Be sure to investigate all of the key aspects of a child’s room, from beds and lighting to toys and entertainment. All of these things will contribute to making the space a haven for your little one.

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