When it comes to long distance moves, it’s easier to decide whether to hire professional movers or not. Chances are, hiring professional movers would be the usual and most convenient option for most of us, since we don’t have the trucks, the manpower, and the necessary equipment required to be able to transfer all of our stuff from one place to another, starting from the bulkiest ones down to the smallest, lightest items.

But here’s the challenge, folks: Would you hire professional movers for short distance move, say from one apartment to another within the same city or neighborhood?

Perhaps, you’d think that you can easily DIY short distance moves with the help of your family and friends rather than spend extra cash on hiring professional movers. However, you can always find cheap local movers in your area if you worry about paying hefty costs.

Still not sure what to do? We’ll help you weigh in the options.

Moving Vehicles

Do you have appropriate vehicles such as trucks, spacious enough to load all your stuff? Even if your short distance move would mean moving in to a new home in the same city, you’ll need a spacious vehicle to transfer all your furniture, appliances, clothes, kitchenware, and other fragile items to a new location.

By letting a moving company take care of your move, you’ll save lots of time looking for trucks you can use to transfer all of your items. In case, you have no choice but to DIY your short distance move, read this article to learn how to find more affordable moving trucks.

moving vehicles

Busy Schedule

Of course, your target is to move in to your new home in a timely manner. Nevertheless, your busy schedule makes it sound like an impossible thing to happen. So, take a few minutes, give yourself time to take an honest look at your schedule. Can you really spare several minutes dropping by moving stores, shopping for moving items such as boxes, bubble wraps, and moving blankets? Perhaps, you can. But can you spare some more hours sorting and packing everything you want to bring to your new home?

It’s a given that you’ll do all the sorting. However, packing everything is yet another tedious task. Remember those times when you went out of town for just a week or a few days? Did you take several hours planning what to bring and packing what you decided to bring for your travel? Moving to a new location for good would take up 10 times more time than that, especially if you alone will work on that. Typically, moving companies help in packing, especially bulkier items and fragile ones needing special care. Learn great pieces of advice for your move here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/brilliant-moving-tips.

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Did you just mention you’re moving alone? Unless, it’s just your clothes you’re bringing and several light items you can carry alone, you really need a couple of hands to help you out. There’s nothing wrong with asking help from your family and friends to do you a favor and help you out with the move. However, they may be having busy schedules, too.

Of course, it would be great if they can make time for you. However, being considerate enough to them isn’t the main reason why it would be better to get help from professional movers instead. First of all, do your family and friends know how to handle special items during the move such as appliances, chandeliers, grandfather wall clock, antiques, china, and piano?

If they don’t and you’ve just found out at the very moment of your move when something got broken, perhaps, that valuable antique you bought abroad is not the only thing that’s broken but your friendship, too.

Kidding aside, professional movers in the very sense of their job title, were professionally trained in handling special items to transfer them safely to another location. They know best how to fit bulky items into smaller spaces such as a narrow hallway or door. On top of that, they carry insurance to cover any possible damage or injury during the move.

So, for short distance moves, should you do it yourself or hire professional movers? If you want convenience, the latter is the best choice.

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