The count-down has begun; one week to go before my sister’s wedding. As a guest who’s traveling out of town to attend, I’ve had to prepare and purchase quite a few items which leads me to believe there’s a conspiracy with weddings and the month of June!

A few things I’ve noticed in regards to June wedding expenses:

  1. Attire. I had to purchase my attire in May in order to be ready for the June date; the dress I wanted wasn’t in my size and then I realized that it still needed alterations. Thankfully, I purchased it 6 weeks before the wedding which gave me plenty of time to receive it and have it altered. But…that stupid dress is now 45% off the original price I purchased it for! I’m guessing most places know this and put dresses on sale mid-June for July/August weddings.
  2. Travel Plans. I like to book my travel arrangements ahead of time to a. save money and b. not stress out right before I have to travel. However, summer is usually a more expensive time to travel, especially in June. Though I booked all of my arrangements way ahead of schedule, a June Wedding date increased my travel expenses by about 25%.
  3. Don’t say “wedding”! I’m pretty sure that if you add “wedding” in front of any noun, like wedding flowers, wedding cake, the price goes up about 30%. I’ve tried to stick to “special occasion” but “wedding” seems to pop out now and then.

Now at the same time, this is a convenient time for me to travel. Had the wedding been in October or April I would have had difficulty getting away for more than a weekend at best. I know that my sister is saving money by getting married on a Thursday and in the middle of nowhere ;), so June made the most sense in terms of everyone being able to attend.

Soon, I’ll have great memories and be able to stop obsessing over this wedding. 🙂

Did you or someone you know get married in June?


  1. Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog Reply

    My wedding is coming up as well, I have been trying hard to keep attire expenses to a minimum (though that cant be said about travel). I picked the same color suit that we all wore for a friends wedding last fall, so everyone already had it (though most didnt before the wedding last fall) and am still working on the rest!

    • @Jeff – It’s great that you coordinated the suits with a previous wedding – that’s very smart! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. 🙂

  2. Lance@MoneyLife&More Reply

    If you bought the dress on a credit card they may be able to refund you the price difference. Call your CC company to find out.

  3. Crystal @ Prairie Ecothrifter Reply

    Yuck. We are going to a June wedding next week, but we are only bringing $50 worth of gifts and spending some time working out an interesting wedding-ring delivery system. Yep, he is going to CURL a stone with a ring down the aisle…

  4. Ha ha. Well said. Put wedding before anything & then it jumps. Yes indeed it’s true.

  5. We got married in November, and had lots of friends helping us out. It made things more affordable. Also, we were able to get our honeymoon cottage for a lot less since it was ‘off season’.

    • @Josh – Off season weddings are a great idea for keeping costs down. I got married a long time ago, but we minimized our costs by keeping it really simple.

  6. I never considered that dresses would also be discounted after the “June Bride” rush. My wife and I actually got married in January – I refused to wear a tux in the summer – and we loved it. We still love our anniversary; we never have to fight for reservations and everything is cheaper in the off season.

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