A commercial setup bears more than hundreds of people under its roof in a single day. There might be customers, employees, and even you (as an owner). The cleanliness and sanitation of this place must be top-notch. Not just because it is crucial for everybody’s health and well-being, but even your reputation as a company is at stake. No one likes to visit a store or a company where there is dirt and debris on the floor, or the walls are stained, and the entire building smells bad. This links us to the need for proper cleanliness and hygiene of the space. And how is this possible without the cleaning supplies?

Ø Stock up these cleaning supplies in your commercial place regularly without fail!

You might already have a janitorial service looking after the cleanliness and hygiene of the place. Great! But now, let’s take a look at the cleaning supplies checklist that is an indispensable part of this step. Read about them and always keep them in stock:

1. Duster and broom

A duster and a broom in your company’s cleaning closet is very important to get rid of dirt and dry waste.

2. Floor scrubs and mops

The cleaning staff you hire require floor scrubs and mops to wipe the dirt and the spills on the floor or any other surfaces. Ensure that you get these in microfiber cloths or any material with high absorption power, cleans instantly and is easy to maintain.

3. All-purpose cleaners

You can never predict the type of dirt and stains you get in a commercial centre with hundreds of people. There can be chemical spills or food spills, shoe marks, and many other similar unhygienic factors dotting the place! So, better invest in an all-purpose cleaner that helps you get rid of all these nuisances in the office and that too very easily.

4. The best carpet cleaning supplies

If you have carpet in your commercial place, then you will require special cleaners to keep them spic and span. Your regular cleaners don’t work perfectly on these surfaces and you will find remnants of stains and dirt on these if you’re not using the special cleaning agents.

You can check for the check for the carpet cleaner products at Steamaster for your office. These are of excellent duality and tough on dirt and stains. Your carpets will look just like new after their usage and even be germ-free and sanitised.

5. Vacuum cleaner

Cleaning such a large building with so many people is not possible without advanced machinery. Investing in a vacuum cleaner is mandatory if you want to keep the entire building spic-and-span.

6. Glass cleaners

For the windows and the glass surfaces in your office, you require special cleaners. Even the mops and dusters to clean this surface differ from the regular ones.

7. Trash bags and waste bins

Hese bins are not exactly cleaning agents, but these need to be stocked up to enhance cleanliness (rather facilitate the cleaning process). Even trash bags are vital to dispose of the waste material securely without any hassle from the building.

8. Wood surface cleaner and polish

For maintaining the wooden tables and rest of the furniture in your office, you require special wooden cleaners and polish. These help to keep wooden surfaces clean, germ-free and shining.

9. Disinfectants

Always keep a supply of disinfectant liquids in your commercial place to clean the entire building frequently.

10. Sanitisers

The recent onset of the pandemic made us aware of sanitisers and their importance in every house and commercial place. Keep it stocked and handy in the building without fail.

If you want to see your commercial space buzzing with healthy individuals, never skip the cleaning routine. And adding these basic products to the company’s inventory ensures that the cleaning will happen efficiently and flawlessly. Let’s reduce the risk of infections and diseases by adhering to cleanliness. And you can start with and at your office itself!

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