Today Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again and I are exchanging question and answer posts. Mrs. Accountability shares some personal finance choices.

After you read her answers here, go over to her site and read my answers. And while you’re at her site, take a look around and subscribe to her blog!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Up until one month ago I could only wear one type of shoe. A certain very comfortable, cushion-y but unfortunately very ugly men’s casual wear shoe. However, in December I embarked on a way of eating which eliminates specific foods and I am so pleased that my feet have stopped hurting! This means I can now wear my brown wedge heeled Aerosoles and my black low heeled Aerosoles, and my favorite black Route 98 sandals. So I guess that makes four pairs for me. Little House and I aren’t much for shoes, are we? 🙂

Do you use coupons?

I really don’t use coupons very often, unless I am going to Joann’s and sometimes I still end up buying nothing at all. I used to use coupons faithfully about a decade ago.

If you had $1000 to spend right now, and you could not put it toward debt or save it, you HAD to spend it, what would you buy yourself?

I would invest in a new computer. The one I have now is several years old. I recently dusted it (what a mess!) and I think one of the fans is going out on this one, so I am having my son check it for me so that I can extend its life since I don’t any money to spend on a computer right now.

How many checking accounts do you have?

Two business checking accounts (for Mr. A’s businesses), one personal checking at a credit union, and two personal checking accounts at a big name bank. The personal checking at the credit union and the second personal checking account at the big name bank don’t get used very often.

Name one of your financial goals for 2010 (that you want to complete by the end of the year).

Continue to pay down on our debt. As has been the trend, Mr. A’s businesses have been slow the past couple of months. The first couple weeks of January were also slow but in the third week it finally started picking up with several calls from repeat customers. I am very happy that we have not gone any further into debt, even with the slowdown.

Any thoughts on the state of our (United States of America’s) economy?

I try not to pay too much attention myself but I am happy that Mr. A has an interest. That way at least one of us is aware of what’s going on. I personally find it scary to see what is happening, not to mention I feel guilty that my own family is in debt, and it is frustrating to see that our country is going deeper and deeper into debt and there seems to be no way to help ourselves out of the spiral we are in.

Do you drink Starbucks or regular coffee? Or do you not drink coffee at all?

I am not a coffee drinker. I used to drink coffee very occasionally as a pick me up, but I have not had any coffee since December.

Thank you, Mrs. Accountability! Now go on over to Mrs. Accountability’s, read my answers to the same questions and take a look around!


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