Have you ever spent the night in a makeshift guestroom slash office slash storage space?

It definitely does the trick, but it’s the kind of space that makes you want to create a welcoming space in your own home.

There’s a big difference between popping an air mattress into a spare room and creating a guestroom that makes guests feel like they actually belong in your home.

Tips for a Perfect Guest Bedroom

So when you’re looking to style your guest bedroom, there are a few things to consider. And most of them have to do with comfort, convenience, and style.

Here are some tips for styling the perfect guest bedroom.

Keep the decor simple

A simple and minimalistic style is typically best for all types of guests. Not only is minimal design on-trend at the moment, but it offers some advantages to your visitors. First, the style isn’t overbearing, so it’ll appeal to most people. But when you keep the space and surfaces clear, it leaves space for guests to store their own belongings and use the surfaces to keep their go-to items at the ready. When the room is cluttered, guests are much more likely to leave belongings behind because it’s more difficult to find their belongings.

Provide an empty dresser or closet

Whether your guests are staying for a week or a weekend, it’s nice to give them a place to store their clothing. So if you really can’t spare a closet, be sure to add a dresser for your guests to use while they’re staying with you. Just don’t be tempted to store your belongings there or it’ll defeat the purpose.

Leave a welcome basket

This isn’t necessary, but it’s such a nice touch that your guests will appreciate. It’s actually a perk you’ll find at high-end bed-and-breakfasts. Leave a personalized welcome basket with your guests’ favorite snacks. And if guests are visiting from out of town, include some locally made treats or trinkets. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but in this case, it’s really the thought that counts.

Offer the wifi password

Instead of making guests ask for the wifi password, leave it posted on a card or in a prominent location in the room. Guests will undoubtedly want to use the wifi and volunteering the login information will make them feel very welcome — almost like they’ve instantly become part of the family. You can even get creative and put it in a frame on the wall.

Use a neutral color scheme

You’ll want the guest room to be a soothing space where guests almost instantly feel comfortable and relaxed. In most cases, when people are visiting you, they’re taking a vacation from their own lives. So why not make them feel like they’re on vacation? Choose neutrals, pastels, or otherwise soothing colors. Avoid any colors that are bold or bright.

Keep it gender-neutral

If you want your guest room to appeal to both sexes, it’s a good idea to keep it gender-neutral. Most people won’t be offended by a room that’s uber-masculine or ultra-feminine for a short stay, but they might be more comfortable in a room that doesn’t scream gender. Neutral colors will help. Also, avoid frilly fabrics, bold colors, or delicate florals.

Create a welcome station

Nothing will make your guests feel at home like a well-stocked welcome station. In this station, offer universal chargers, fresh towels, and a basket of travel-sized toiletries in case your guests forgot anything. You can style it to fit with the decor with pretty baskets and attractive bins. And if you want to get even fancier, consider a coffee and tea station where guests can help themselves in the morning. It’s a nice touch if you have the room. This way, guests don’t have to wait for the hosts or worrying about waking anyone. If you really want guests to feel at home, give them all the tools to help themselves while they’re with you. Even if you’re the best hosts in the world, they’ll feel more comfortable when they don’t have to ask for (or want for) much of anything.

Invest in the bed

When it comes to choosing the furniture for the room, the bed and the mattress should be your biggest investment. Choosing the perfect mattress size for the room will go a long way for helping to keep the proportions of the room appropriate. If you choose a mattress that’s too big, it’ll make the room look smaller. And if you choose a mattress that’s too small, your guests won’t be as comfortable.

If you want your guests to feel welcome and at home in your home, follow the style tricks outlined here. The only drawback to following every tip is that your guests might feel so comfortable that they won’t ever want to leave.

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