Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. He wanted to do something fun to help remind him that he’s only getting *younger*. Since the last few days have been scorching hot, a blazing 100+ degrees, a water park seemed like the perfect activity to quench our thrill-seeking ways and cool us off. However, neither one of us are huge amusement park visitors. We also don’t dare spend full price when we do attend one of the many parks in SoCal. The coupon hunt was on.

Some tips for hunting down extreme savings:

  • Check out the deals online at the vendor’s site. I’ve found some terrific coupons directly from the vendor themselves.
  • Check the World Wide Web. On top of vendor savings, many times coupon codes are floating around cyber-space that offer better deals than what the vendor has to offer.
  • Keep an eye out for coupons at grocery stores and fast-food restaurants. Often times amusement parks offer deep discount coupons at select retailers.
  • Look closely at your soda can. Again, amusement parks are looking to lure people in by offering terrific coupons on all kinds of food and drink items.
  • Save coupons you receive when exiting the park. In my experience, as you exit a theme park, attendants hand you a few coupons to encourage you to come again. Not only can you use the deeply discounted coupons for yourself, you can resell them to try and recoup your funds. 😉

We ended up finding a terrific deal on a Coca-Cola can, a $10 savings per person. It beat out the $5.00 savings we found online and the $7.00 savings Taco Bell was sporting. The soda can was a bit of a fluke, however. We visited our local, friendly 7-11 and asked the cashier if they had any Coca-Cola cans with coupons. The cashier was kind enough to go into the back room and find a few cans that were set aside for just this type of request. Instead of paying $29.99 a person, the coupons entitled us to a ticket for $19.99 a person (a $20 savings!)

My best advice is to get in the theme park as cheap as you can, because as soon as you are admitted, that’s where you really feel the burning of your wallet! I will definitely be reselling my park coupons to help pay for my husband’s day of fun in the sun.


  1. Nice job on the coupons! We went to the amusement park and they were $46 per person! I should have looked harder for coupons!

    Hope you and your husband had a great time!!!

    • @Money Reasons – Ouch! Paying that much for admittance would make me cringe! The moment you step inside, the park seems to swallow your wallet whole. Theme parks should just let people in for as little as possible. After buying food, drinks, and extraneous items, they make a fortune!

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