Here it is 8 months into 2013 and I’m not so sure I’m on target with my New Year’s Resolutions. To be honest, if I didn’t write them here at this blog, I don’t think I’d even remember what they were! However, looking back at my January post, I kept my “resolutions” minimal and realistic:

  • Save $2,400 in an ER fund and an additional $2,700 in long term savings this year.
  • Learn to cook 3 dishes this year.

So, how am I doing? With the first goal, I’m not far from my target with my long-term savings goal, though I might fall a little short. With the ER fund, I’m dismally behind, but mostly because things changed at the beginning of the year and I had to refocus this on paying off debt. The second goal I haven’t tackled at all yet, but I have almost 4 months to learn how to cook 3 dishes (I need inspiration here, folks!)

I’m not the first to not meet my resolutions completely. According to the colorful infographic below, the most commonly made and broken resolutions are self-improvement goals, losing weight, saving money, and improving health. At the six month mark, only 46% of those that made resolutions are successful at meeting or continuing to work on them.

Yet, there’s no need to fall into the group that completely throws out the resolutions and gives-up just because I’m behind. Instead, it’s time to hunker-down and continue to make progress, even if that progress is small. To keep my goals focused and SMART, here’s my follow-up plan:

  • My focus has shifted from building up a hefty ER fund to paying off debt. So, as much as I’d like to build up that fund, paying off debt is the focus. Plan: Continue applying extra payments towards debt and contribute $100 a month towards the long term savings.
  • I am just not inspired in the kitchen. I’m also a little spoiled when it comes to Mr. LH cooking all the meals. Plan: To keep my promise of cooking a meal or two, I will research three of my favorite foods (tacos, salads, and chili and corn bread) and learn to “cook” a variation of each – the corn bread needs to be gluten free and that’s been a challenge.
Commonly made and broken resolutions. From
Commonly made and broken resolutions. From

Do you make resolutions at the beginning of the year? How are yours coming along?


  1. My goals are slowly coming together. I already know I won’t meet some of them though.
    Taco? Yumm… Try some fish tacos.

    • @Joe – Fish might be too difficult for me to start with. We just decided the other night that grilled cheese might be the first thing I perfect. That’s how lame I am in the kitchen!

    • @One Cent at a Time – I’m the kind of person who needs everything laid out in detail, that way I’m always working towards something. 😉

  2. Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter Reply

    Mine were more goals and less resolutions, and I think I’m doing pretty well. I had planned to lose around 10 lbs during the year, and I lost 4 so far. I still have a few months to go! Plus I’m meeting my extra income goal.

    • @Daisy -That’s awesome. This year I made my “resolutions” or goals (they are the same to me) more realistic. I’m making progress, but may not meet the final numbers.

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