Right Size Home Ideas for Family

When it comes to your home, you don’t want a space that’s so small you feel like you’re always on top of people. At the same time, bigger isn’t always better. Instead, you need to find the ideal size to suit your family. Consider the following signs your home is either too big or too small for your needs.

* You Have Space You Don’t Use:

As you take a look around your house, note which rooms you frequently use and which rooms rarely get used. A study that looked at where people spend the most time in their homes found that one particular family spent 68 percent of their time in the kitchen and in the family room near the television. The formal dining room, living room, and porch saw very little activity from the family. If you look at your own home and realize you have several rooms and outdoor space you never use, it might be time to consider downsizing.

* You’re Planning for Additional Family Members:

right size home for big family
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While some people might realize they have more space than people, you might find yourself facing a situation where you need more rooms than what your house currently has available. Whether you have parents or in-laws who are planning to move in, you’re currently expecting another child, or you’re getting ready to start a family, if you don’t have enough bedrooms for everyone, it might be time to look at a bigger house.

* You Have Too Much Clutter:

From clothes hanging on a rolling rack because you don’t have enough closet space to bowls sitting on the kitchen counter because you don’t have enough cabinet space, clutter can sometimes take over a home. If you feel like you have too much clutter, you either need a better organization system or you need to upgrade to a space that offers more storage solutions.

* You Have High Energy Bills:

Having more rooms means heating and cooling that space, and paying for energy to heat and cool rooms you’re not using is a waste of money. If you feel like your HVAC energy bills are too high, that might be a sign it’s time to downsize. You can also consider different cooling options, such as whether in-window or central air is a better choice for your home.

* You’re Going to Work From Home:

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While people who leave the house every day for work don’t need to worry about having additional space for an office, if you work from home, you’ll quickly realize that trying to spread out on the kitchen table every day isn’t convenient. If you already have a den or guest bedroom you don’t use very often, you might be able to convert the space into a home office. Otherwise, you need to consider moving to a larger home so you’ll have the dedicated space necessary for an office.

Situations in our lives always change, and sometimes that means our homes have to change as well. Use these signs to know whether is still the right size home for your family.

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